Sansevieria Hahnii

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Like other snake plants, you will love this succulent for its air-cleaning abilities. It is a native of continental Africa, Madagascar, and may also be found in Southern Asia. Its average height is 6-8 inches, but it can grow to a maximum of 12 inches.

Scientific Name:Sansevieria Hahnii
Other Names:Dracaena Hahnii, Bird’s Nest Snake Plant, Golden Bird’s Nest.
Growth Season:Spring and summer while outdoors but it grows all year round indoors or in temperate areas.
Preferred Temperature:It grows fastest in temperatures between 15oC to 29oC (59 and 84.2oF). It is likely to suffer injury and die if kept in temperatures under (10oC) 50oF for extended periods. Frost is a killer to this plant.
Hardiness Zone:USDA Zone 10-11
Average Mature Height & Width:It grows to about eight inches while attaining an average width of seven inches.
Dormancy:It enters dormancy during temperatures under 10oC (50oF) in winter.
Toxicity:Plants in this genus are toxic to pets and humans. They cause gastrointestinal symptoms such as drooling, vomiting and diarrhea when ingested. Also, the sap may cause skin inflammation when touched. 
Sansevieria Hahnii Summary

Sansevieria Hahnii Physical Characteristics

Dark, glossy leaves characterize this dwarf succulent. It is stemless, and the leaves grow from a rhizome at the base. Sometimes the rhizome can appear above the ground and has a rich yellow shade. The leaves are grey-green with dark green variegation. These leaves’ base is concentrated on the rhizome, but they spread out in a funnel-like shaped rosette. It spreads quickly from underground from the rhizome, and it can form relatively dense clusters. 

It produces erect racemes that are usually above 40 cm tall. These racemes produce a few greenish-white flowers in clusters. The flowers have a beautiful fragrance, and they mature into globose 8-9 mm, bright orange fruits that can contain one or two seeds.

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