“Salicornia” Genus

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Plants in this genus are collectively referred to as Glassworts; they are also known as pickleweeds. It is a halophytic plant belonging to the family Amaranthaceae. Being salt-tolerant, it grows in salty marshes, among mangroves, and on beaches. Plants in this genus are well spread across geographical regions, including North America, Southern Asia, Central Asia, Europe, and Southern Africa. The genus comprises a total of 135 species.

All plants in this genus are herbaceous, annual plants that are either prostrate or erect, depending on the species. Some of them have simple stems, while others have branched stems. Nevertheless, stems across the genus are succulent and hairless. These stems have nodes that leave the impression that their joining was not flawless thus, the stems appear jointed.

Salicornias have opposite leaves, but the leaves are usually tiny. They have narrow dry margins, the opposite leaves have no stalks, and they are connected at the base, usually broader than the tip of the leaf. These leaves cling to the trunk so that they appear to clothe it. Most of the species have green stalks and leaves but the foliage can turn red in the fall.

Salicornia Plants On Succulent City

Salicornia Europaea Image
The Common Glasswort ‘Salicornia Europaea’
Salicornia Herbacea Image
The Glasswort Plant ‘Salicornia Herbacea’


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