“Ruschia” Genus

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It is a native of the arid regions of South Africa, particularly the nation of Namibia and the Republic of South Africa. The genus is a member of the Aizoacean family. Initially, there were over 400 species in this genus, but some have been hewn out into a new species, Antimima. At the moment, there are 208 species in the genus Ruschia. Their leaves are usually grey or blue-green. The leaves are succulent and come in various shapes and sizes across various species.

The leaves have a triangular cross-section. The plant leaves are often covered with small transparent spots. Some of the leaves have teeth on the margins. Flowers in this genus are clustering and are white, pink, and red in color. These plants flower throughout the year, so the blooms are always there. Seed capsules are another distinguishing feature in this genus and other genera in the family. The seed capsule is only partially closed.

Ruschia Plants On Succulent City

Ruschia Nana Image
Ruschia Nana (The Dwarf Carpet Of Stars)
Ruschia Lineolata Image
Ruschia Lineolata (The Carpet of Stars)
Ruschia Pulvinaris Image
Ruschia Pulvinaris (Creeping Shrubby Ice Plant)
Ruschia Uncinata Image
Ruschia Uncinata (Doringvygie)


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