“Rebutia” Genus

Rebutia Genus Image

Rebutia is native to Bolivia and Argentina, as it is typically found in hills and mountains. This genus is named after a French cactus grower, Monsieur P. Rebut. Rebutia is one of the most common genera in cultivation as they are considered easy-to-grow plants.  Rebutia plants are known to be minor, colorful, and globular in form. They do not have distinctive ribs, and their spines’ appearance varies.

Rebutia Plants On Succulent City

Rebutia Heliosa Image
Rebutia Heliosa (Aylostera Heliosa)
Rebutia Krainziana Image
Rebutia Krainziana (The Krainz’ Crown Cactus)
Rebutia Muscula Image
Rebutia Muscula (Orange Snowball Cactus)
Rebutia Perplexa Image
Rebutia Perplexa (Aylostera Perplexa)
Rebutia Albipilosa Image
Rebutia Albipilosa (Rebutia Fiebrigii)
Rebutia Vulpina Image
Rebutia Vulpina
Rebutia Fulviseta Image
Rebutia Fulviseta (Aylostera Fulviseta)
Rebutia Marsoneri Image
Rebutia Marsoneri
Rebutia Pygmaea Image
Rebutia Pygmaea
Rebutia Minuscula Image
Rebutia Minuscula
Rebutia Arenacea Image
Rebutia Arenacea
Rebutia Canigueralii Image
Rebutia Canigueralii
Rebutia Sanguinea Image
Rebutia Sanguinea
Rebutia Mentosa Image
Rebutia Mentosa
Rebutia Deminuta Image
Rebutia Deminuta


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