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These plants are native to South Africa and belong to the Aizoaceae family. Their name is derived from the Greek words ‘Pleios’ and ‘Spilos,’ which mean many and spots, respectively. The words are descriptive of the plants which have spotted foliage. The common name for this genus is ‘Splitrock’ owing to the appearance of its very fleshy leaves. It is also called the mimicry plant because it mimics split rocks. It is a small genus with only four species.

The species include ‘Bolusii’, which has very thick two or four leaves opposite each other. The leaves are grey-green with numerous small, dark spots. They produce yellow, daisy-like flowers. Compuctus is the other species. It is the one that looks most like a plant in the genus. Its leaves are still thick and spotted but are green and flatter than others in the genus. A plant will have one to three pairs of leaves, and it produces daisy-like flowers. Nelii’s leaves are almost hemispherical, either purple or grey-green.

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