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Plants in this genus have the common name ‘Clearweed.’ There are at least 600 and 715 species in this genus. The genus belongs to the family Urticaceae which is the nettle family. However, it is a kinder, gentler family member since it doesn’t have the nettle associated with nettles. This genus occurs naturally throughout the tropics globally. Only Australia and New Zealand don’t have them in their habitat.

When domesticated, most members of this genus are used as hedge plants because they can fuse when planted closely together. Also, there is a good number of them that grow like creepers with variegated leaves. They can be grown as decorative plants in hanging baskets indoors. Some decorative plants have fern-like leaves and flowers that aren’t kept for their beauty but for other unique characteristics, such as the forceful expulsion of pollen from their anthers.

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