“Parodia” Genus

Parodia Genus Image

Parodia is named after Domingo Parodi, a pharmacist who gave work to Spegazzi when he came to Italy. Parodia plants are globose or short cylinders, typically ribbed, strongly tuberculate, and with thin spines. Parodia flowers arise from fuzzy buds with bristles and are cup-shaped. This genus is commonly found in Eastern South America.

Parodia Plants On Succulent City

Parodia Leninghausii Image
Parodia Leninghausii (Yellow Tower Cactus)
Parodia Buiningii Image
Parodia Buiningii
Parodia Erubescens Image
Parodia Erubescens (Notocactus Schlosseri)
Parodia Haselbergii Image
Parodia Haselbergii (Brasilicactus Haselbergii)
Parodia Warasii Image
Parodia Warasii
Parodia Werneri Image
Parodia Werneri
Parodia Scopa Image
Parodia Scopa (Silver Ball Cactus)
Parodia Ottonis Image
Parodia Ottonis (Indian Head Cactus)
Parodia Mammulosa Image
Parodia Mammulosa

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