“Pachyveria” Genus

pachyveria genus

The rosette-shaped Pachyveria genus is a group of little, stunning, hybrid succulents that grow to a height of 2 to 6 inches. But wait, hold up. You’re probably scratching your head, wondering what a “hybrid succulent” is. Hybridization is when two plants of different species are cross-bred, producing another new species.

Concerning succulents, Pachyveria is a hybrid cross between the Pachyphytum and Echeveria genera of succulents. The offspring of hybridized plants are called cultivars, and cross-breeding of the Pachyphytum + Echeveria genus produces at least eight cultivars. Here are all the Pachyveria plants on Succulent City:

The Jeweled Crown 'Pachyveria Clavifolia' Image
Pachyveria Clavifolia
Pachyveria Opalina Image
Pachyveria Opalina
Pachyveria Clavata Image
Pachyveria Clavata


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