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This genus is a native of Madagascar and Southern Africa. It belongs to the family Apocynaceae. There are 21 species in this genus. It grows naturally in arid and semi-arid regions, and it is made up of both trees and shrubs. The most distinguishing characteristic of these plants is that they have spines all over their trunks.

Their trunks are disproportionately thick when compared to their height and the number of branches they may have. This characteristic cuts across all species in the genus. The thick trunk is an adaptation to help the tree store water for use during the occasional drought that the plant may experience. Root desiccation in the habitat is also expected due to rocky ground, and the tree may need to use the stored water before the roots function again.

Despite similarities, plant morphology is usually quite varied across the genus. Some are flattened trees, others are bottle-shaped plants, and others branch in all directions from the trunk. Their spines emerge alongside leaves, usually in pairs or three, and form in a spiral around the trunk. Wear and tear can lead to the depletion of older spines.

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