“Pachycereus” Genus

Pachycereus Genus Image

Pachycereus is native to Mexico and Southern Arizona, United States. This genus has nine to twelve identified species. The name Pachycereus comes from the Greek term “pachys,” meaning “thick,” and the Latin term “cereus,” meaning “torch.” The Pachycereus genus contains one of the enormous cacti reaching 82 feet tall. Pachycereus plants have ribbed stems, blue-green or bright green, and flowers that are small tubes or funnels up to 4 inches long.

Pachycereus Plants On Succulent City

Pachycereus Marginatus Image
Pachycereus Marginatus (Mexican Fence Post Cactus)
Pachycereus Schottii Image
The Senita Cactus ‘Pachycereus Schottii’
Pachycereus Weberi Image
Pachycereus Weberi (Cardón Espinoso)
Pachycereus Pecten-aboriginum Image
The Indian Comb Cactus ‘Pachycereus Pecten-aboriginum’


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