“Orostachys” Genus

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This genus of biennial herbs is a native of China, Mongolia, Japan, Korea, Kazakhstan, and Russia. It comprises fifteen species and it is a member of the Stonecrop family also known as Crassulaceae. Plants in this genus are closely related to the genus Sedum. They are monocarpic which means they flower once and then die. They ensure survival by producing abundant offsets near the plant to facilitate reproduction.

The genus supplies great ornamental plants indoors and in gardens. They do best in rock gardens or pots with a substrate that has a significant rock component. The leaves form either spherical or hemispherical rosettes depending on the species. Sometimes one plant may produce both spherical and hemispherical rosettes.

Leaves are thick and fleshy, they each have pointed tips and they can develop a red tinge in hue when they are exposed to intense sunlight. The genus produces flowers on a spike-shaped stalk. The flowers have short stems and they form constellation-like arrangements. Combined with the awesome rosettes formed by the leaves, the flowers make these plants extremely attractive ornamental plants.

Orostachys Plants On Succulent City

Orostachys Boehmeri Image
Orostachys Boehmeri
Orostachys Japonica Image
Orostachys Japonica (The Japanese Dunce Cap)


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