“Oreocereus” Genus

Oreocereus Genus Image

Oreocereus comes from the Greek term “oros,” meaning “mountain,” and the Latin term “cereus,” meaning “candle.” This is also commonly called the “old-man cactus.” This genus is commonly found at higher elevations, around 10,000 feet, such as in Peru, Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina. Regarding physical appearance, Oreocereus plants are covered with wooly white fuzz.

Oreocereus Plants On Succulent City

Oreocereus Celsianus Image
The Old-man-of-the-andes Cactus ‘Oreocereus Celsianus’
Oreocereus Trollii Image
The Old-man-of-the-mountain Cactus ‘Oreocereus Trollii’


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