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These are plants in the family Asparagaceae, commonly referred to as tuberoses. Plants in the genus Polianthes are also referred to as tuberoses. The genus name for Manfreda, one of the parent genera for this plant, was given in honor of Manfredus de Monte Imperiale, a 14th-century Italian writer.  The genus Mocha Mocha is now included under the genus Agave. Plants classified under this genus have risen from the combination of Manfreda with Agave giving rise to plants with the characteristics of both plants. Such plants usually take their male traits from Agave, while their female traits are from Manfreda.

The now-retired name Manfreda was coined by Tony Avent and Carl Schoenfeld in 2005 from an amalgamation of two-parent genera that form this genus. They are as compact as the agaves but with succulent lance-shaped leaves. Some species in the genus form beautiful perfect rosettes. These plants grow 8-24 inches high and 18 inches wide. Their leaves may be stiff or fragile, depending on the species.  Also, the leaves may be spotted or plain.

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