“Manfreda” Genus

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This genus comprises robust herbaceous plants. It is made up of flowering plants in the Asparagaceae family. The genus has now been combined with Agave so that the species that were once known exclusively as Manfreda are now under the Agave genus. It had approximately 28 species and a native to the Americas particularly Southwestern United States, Central America, and Mexico.

These species are characterized by tubular flowers which grow from stem nodes. The flowers are tubular, and they bloom on a tall raceme. Their color ranges from yellow, brown, and green to dull white. Also, the flowers are scented. These blooms are also characterized by colorful exerted stamens. Their colors may be white, green, brown, or yellow.

Leaves in this genus are lance-shaped and they have a rather disorderly appearance in arrangement and spotting. Some of them have spots that appear like purple ink smudges. These features give plants in this genus some weird beauty.

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