5 Living Room Decor Ideas Using Succulents And Stylish Ottoman Covers

Your living room reflects your style and taste, and adding vibrant colors can infuse it with energy and warmth. One creative way to achieve this is by incorporating colorful succulents and vibrant ottoman covers into your living room decor. This article will explore how combining these elements can revitalize your space and create a lively and inviting ambiance.

#1. Colorful Succulent Displays

colorful succulents

Succulents come in various colors, from deep greens to vibrant pinks and purples. Utilize these colorful succulents as living accents throughout your living room. Please place them in decorative pots or planters on side tables, shelves, or windowsills. The juxtaposition of their vibrant hues against the neutral backdrop of your living room will create a stunning visual impact.

#2. Ottoman Covers as Colorful Statements

Ottomans are versatile and functional pieces of furniture, and by using vibrant ottoman covers, you can inject a burst of color into your living room. These colorful ottoman covers will add visual interest and be comfortable seating options or footrests. Opt for covers in bold and vibrant shades such as red, blue, or yellow. Alternatively, choose patterns or prints that incorporate a mix of colors.

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#3. Creating Harmonious Succulent Combinations

To create a cohesive look:

  1. Coordinate the colors of your succulents with the shades present in your ottoman covers.
  2. Choose succulents that complement or contrast with the color of the ottoman cover.
  3. For instance, pair a blue ottoman cover with succulents with silver or blue-green foliage, such as Pachyphytum oviferum or Senecio serpens. This harmonious combination will tie the elements together, creating a unified and visually appealing living room.

#4. Stylish Ottoman Arrangements

ottoman cover examples

Arrange multiple sizes and colors of different ottomans to create a stylish and vibrant seating area. Play with contrasting hues or opt for a monochromatic scheme using different shades of the same color family. Position succulent displays strategically around the Ottomans to enhance the overall aesthetic. This arrangement will provide additional seating options and be a colorful and inviting focal point in your living room.

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#5. Maintaining a Balanced Space

While adding color is exciting, remember to maintain balance in your living room. Avoid overwhelming the space with too many colors or patterns. Choose a dominant color scheme and incorporate vibrant succulents and ottoman covers as accent pieces. This will ensure that the colors pop without overpowering the overall design.


You can transform your living room into a lively and welcoming space by introducing colorful succulents and vibrant ottoman covers. Combining these elements will infuse your room with natural beauty and vibrant hues, creating a refreshing and inviting ambiance.

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