The Agave Cactus ‘Leuchtenbergia Principis’

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The Agave Cactus ‘Leuchtenbergia Principis’ is a unique and fascinating plant native to Mexico. It belongs to the cacti family and is known as the ‘Agave of the Mountains.’ This plant is named after Maximilian von Leuchtenberg, a botanist who discovered it in 1822.

The plant’s unusual appearance will first attract you. It has a round, flattened stem covered in small, scale-like leaves. The stem is usually green or yellowish-green and can reach 30 cm in diameter. The plant also produces long, thin, spiky leaves that grow up to 30 cm long. The spiky leaves are green and stiff with a slightly bluish tint that makes them look unique.


The Agave Cactus ‘Leuchtenbergia Principis’ is a slow-growing plant. The number takes up to 20 years for this plant to reach maturity. In the wild, it grows in rocky, mountainous regions and is known for surviving in harsh conditions, such as drought and extreme temperatures. If you are a gardener living in hot climates, this is the one you go for.

Flowers And Propagation

The plant produces a striking yellow flower that grows on a tall stalk and blooms in summer. The flower is a sight to behold, attracting bees and other pollinators to the garden. After blooming, the plant produces small seed pods from which we can propagate new plants.


Leuchtenbergia Principis needs well-draining soil and plenty of sunlight like many other cacti. It should be watered sparingly, as over-watering can lead to root rot. The Agave Cactus ‘Leuchtenbergia Principis’ is also susceptible to pests (like mealybugs or spider mites), so paying attention to any signs of infestation is vital. The plant should be protected from frost during winter and kept indoors.

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The Agave Cactus ‘Leuchtenbergia Principis’ is a unique and exciting plant well-suited to hot, dry climates. Careful attention to its needs will ensure this fascinating plant thrives and brings joy and beauty for years. What do you think about this plant? We have more exciting succulents and cacti on Succulent City. See them below:

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