Large VS Small Succulents: Which Ones are Your Favorite?

Large VS Small Succulents Which Ones are For You

Do you prefer large succulents? Or do you love small ones? Or maybe you are confused about which side to pick. In trying to improve your patio, front porch, or make your house beautiful, selecting the appropriate succulents that satisfy your needs matter. Whether large or small, a succulent’s preference depends on the goals you want to achieve in the long run. Both choices are right in the end. This article covers information that will help you in decision-making. But before that, let’s glimpse how to plant your succulents to grow large or small.

Large VS Small Succulents Which Ones are For You
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Tips to Keep Your Succulents Small

How you care for your succulents would determine how small or large they become. Different techniques apply to different types of succulents. Examples of small ones include Christmas cactus, lithops, jade plants, and air plants. Below are some guidelines to follow to achieve this:

  1. Pruning – leafy succulents are likely to have numerous leaves. To stop this, use sharp scissors to eliminate the excess, old and unwanted leaves. Plants like jade and Christmas cactus are easier to prune.
  2. On the other hand, Aloe Vera and snake plants require a little more effort. Use a sharp knife to trim them according to your desires. You can get rid of the flower stalks.
  3. Break the pups that sprout on their base– it’s not rare to find a baby plant growing to the size of the parent plants. To create more space, repot them or dispose of the buds to prevent them from developing further.

If you have limited space in your home to nurture succulents, keeping small ones will work for you. All you need to do is to dispose of little plants or plant the plants into new pots and enjoy a view of healthy and unique succulents.

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Tips for Growing Large Succulents

How large can a plant grow? Each succulent is different, some are small enough to fit on a window sill, others grow a few feet tall, while others grow up to 40 meters. Understanding the needs of each succulent you keep enables you to provide sufficient care. Exposing them to enough light will allow them to grow to the maximum. Don’t forget to water and grow them in well-draining soil.

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Although they grow slowly and take a while to notice a significant difference, succulents grow. They thrive all their lifetime.

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Large VS Small Succulents Which Ones are For You
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Small Succulent Arrangements

The space between one plant and the next determines how well they thrive. The following are some advantages of organizing your small succulents, so they thrive.

  1. Fitting the succulents together enhances their shape making them more beautiful.
  2. When you want to arrange succulent plants, particularly for an event or as a gift, planting them close together is the way to go. It’s not only easy to carry, but the person to whom you gift would love it.
  3. Easy to take care of -Plant the succulents in different pots. Moving from one place to the next becomes easy. Also, when you notice one succulent plant is elongating, you can quickly move it to another location for it to access enough light.

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Disadvantages of small succulent arrangements

Small succulent arrangements have various limitations. Some of which include:

Difficult to water. Since there is barely enough space from one succulent to the next, watering becomes a little tricky. The water has a hard time reaching the roots. You need to use a watering can with small spouts to push the water from the leaves into the roots.

They might not look uniform. Planting different succulents plants in a separate pot may bring out conflicting looks. You should use the same types of containers to plant.

Grows at a slower rate. Succulents planted in an arrangement have limited development. There is little room for them to spread and enhance their growth.


Large VS Small Succulents Which Ones are For You
Potted succulents @cactos.tudosobre

Large Succulent Arrangement

If you are not afraid of the changes that large succulents bring, nothing can stop you from choosing large ones. Like small arrangements, the sizeable arrangement has its upsides and downsides. At first glance, large succulent plants appear appealing to the eyes of many. Just like a magnet, they attract individuals, making them fall in love with how they look. The plants get bigger and broader fast as compared to the small arrangement. With lots of space, air flows quickly through the soil and dries it. They need well-draining soil, and this arrangement ensures you meet this condition.

If there is a problem with one of the succulents, you can quickly identify and solve it. The problem can be a plant not receiving enough water or seeking enough light. Besides, they are accessible to water. Each space between the succulents gives each plant enough water to sustain itself. Lastly, the area makes it easier to prune, clean, and trim. Finally, the spaces in between may encourage you to purchase additional plants resulting in more of them in your garden.

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Disadvantages of large succulent arrangements

As much as this arrangement’s advantages, every right side has the wrong side. The following are some of them:

They are root bound and hence produce more roots than leaves. Unfortunately, the plant may not appear as you would love to, as roots end up filling most of the planter or pot.

Sometimes, large succulent arrangements don’t look impressive or significant at first sight. But, you can solve this problem by filling the gaps with top dressing or decorating rocks. The rocks are safe and wouldn’t harm the plants in any way.

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Large VS Small Succulents Which Ones are For You
Various succulents in a bowl @thewanderingdesert

Final Words

One sure thing about large versus small succulents arrangements is that it depends on you. What you prefer, your desires, and lastly, your interest. Both have pros and cons. whichever size you choose, your little jungle at home would always look fabulous. Ensure that you meet all the conditions suitable for your plants to flourish.

Which succulent fascinates you? Is it large or small? The ball is in your court.

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Happy Planting!

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