“Huernia” Genus

Huernia Genus Image

This genus was first described in 1810 by the botanist Robert Brown. It is a perennial stem succulent from Eastern and Southern Africa as well as the Arabian Peninsula. There are 118 species in this genus. Was named after Justin Heurnius, a Dutch missionary who was known for collecting African plants. All flowers in this genus have five lobes and they are bell-shaped, they may also be described as funnel-shaped.

They have vivid colors which are often contrasting in the same flower. Some of the flowers are glossy, others wrinkled, and still others matte depending on the species in question. Flower colors are typically combinations of red, yellow, or brown. They are quite heavily scented as the scent encourages pollination. Their stems are succulent and have a cactus-like appearance.

Huernia Plants On Succulent City

Huernia Schneideriana Image
The Red Dragon Flower Succulent ‘Huernia Schneideriana’
Huernia Macrocarpa Image
Huernia Macrocarpa
Huernia Thuretii Image
Huernia Thuretii
Huernia Oculata Image
Huernia Oculata


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