Huernia Oculata (Eyespot Huernia)

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Huernia oculata is among many succulents that store water to survive in dry places. This one is also a unique succulent from the Huernia genus that I happen to know of and want to introduce to you.

Huernia Oculata is indigenous to parts of Eastern Africa, primarily in Kenya and Tanzania. This plant likes dry places and is good at living without much water. It grows best in rocky areas and often between rocks, giving it shade and keeping it safe.

Some basic information about the plant:

Other Names“Eye Flower” or “Eyespot Huernia”

The Physical Description Of Huernia Oculata

Huernia Oculata primarily has a green, slender, and upright stem that often branches at the base. These stems can grow up to a few inches tall (usually 4-6 inches) and are responsible for photosynthesis as the plant lacks proper leaves.

The one noticeable feature of the Huernia Oculata is its flower. The bloom is fleshy and five-pointed, often displaying colors ranging from pale yellow to deep maroon or brown. The center, or annulus, usually has a pronounced, often dark, eye-like appearance, giving rise to its common name.

This plant generally has a clumping growth habit and can spread across the ground with multiple stems emerging from the same root system.

Caring for Huernia Oculata

Below are a few notes to take if you are having a Huernia oculata in your garden:

Lighting: As with many succulents, the Huernia Oculata prefers bright, indirect light. However, it can tolerate some direct sunlight, especially in cooler climates. It’s best to provide shade in sweltering conditions to prevent sunburn.

Watering: Being a succulent, this plant has water-storing capacities and prefers the soil to dry out between waterings.

Soil: A well-draining soil mix, typically used for cacti or succulents, is ideal. This ensures the roots are not left in moisture for prolonged periods.

Temperature: Huernia Oculata can handle a general range of temperatures from 70°F to 90°F (21°C to 32°C). This succulent thrives in a warm and dry environment. It’s not among the frost-tolerant succulents and needs protection in colder climates.


Huernia Oculata is notable among plants because of its eye-like flowers. This plant can grow in challenging places and still bring a unique visual anywhere it is. Therefore, many people like having it in their gardens or homes. If you are a fan of the Huernia plants, this plant is a must-see. 

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