“Hoya” Succulents

Hoya Genus Image

This is a large genus consisting of over five hundred acknowledged species. It’s naturally well spread in Asia occurring in New Guinea, the Philippines, Polynesia, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Species in the genus also occur naturally in Australia. It was named after Thomas Hoy, a botanist, and plants in this genus are commonly referred to as Waxplants, Waxflowers, and Waxvines.

They are evergreen creeping vines and they are epiphytes. The larger members of this group can grow from 1 to 18 meters but there are many small ones that grow under one meter. Their leaves are simple and typically opposite. Besides the opposite arrangement, leaves are usually different with textures ranging from smooth and felted to hairy depending on the species. It is a slow-growing variety. They produce clusters of flowers on perennial peduncles the peduncles only increase in size from one flowering season to the next. Some flowers are as small as 3 mm while some plants in the genus can have flowers as big as 9.5 cm.

Hoya Plants On Succulent City

Hoya Curtisii Image
Hoya Curtisii
Hoya Compacta Image
Hoya Compacta
Hoya Mathilde Image
Hoya Mathilde
Hoya Caudata Sumatra Image
Hoya Caudata Sumatra
Hoya Surigaoensis Image
Hoya Surigaoensis
Hoya Gracilis Image
Hoya Gracilis
Hoya Macgillivrayi Image
Hoya Macgillivrayi
Hoya Globulosa Image
Hoya Globulosa
Hoya Phuwuaensis Image
Hoya Phuwuaensis


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