How To Transport Succulents To A New Address? – 5 Tips From The Sydney Removalists

How To Transport Succulents To A New Address

Moving into a new house can sometimes be a taxing experience, especially with the presence of a valuable collection of succulents that is an essential part of a relocation endeavor. It can be challenging to make sure that the safety and security of these succulents. Fret not! With proper tools and enough patience, we can overcome this challenging move. Let’s see some essential tips from Sydney removalists to avoid damaging the plants during the relocation process!

Do Not Water The Succulents Before Moving!

There is a staggering hassle to water succulents before relocating them. It contributes to the weight of the pots, thus, making it heavy to carry them inside your vehicle and take them out. It may also affect your moving price, especially if you’re moving interstate, as most interstate removalists charge based on size and weight. 

Aside from that, in a vehicle, succulents cannot receive as much ventilation, which makes the soil stay wet throughout the moving process, resulting in succulents’ rapid disintegration. When relocating, ensure that the succulents have been watered in advance and make sure that they are scorched. We can observe this process 4-5 days before the relocation; this enables the soil to dry completely, and since they are well-hydrated, they can go on for days or perhaps a week without needing water.


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Use Nursery Flats & Trays

Nurseries often use trays to showcase their plant collection. They are often recycled or, at times, given to people who need them. Nursery flats and trays are usually lightweight, making them easy to use and carry, and most cheap removalists can provide them for you. These trays will make it relatively easy and will lessen the expenses when relocating as they are beneficial for transferring many pots without them spilling over.

Protect Your Succulents

One of the most important things to note when moving succulents is to make sure that they are not touching each other. First, you can place succulents into one giant pot. Then ensure that the pot is isolated from the rest of the belongings. However, this may not be practicable. A further solution is wrapping the succulent and its holder with an unused towel, old newspaper, or even craft paper.

Shorten Time Covering Vehicles

Avoid keeping cacti in a dim, confined area such as a trunk for an extended amount of time. By doing so, succulents may suffer from a lack of sunlight and airflow. On a positive note, this could not lead to the death of a plant, and over time, new growth will eventually appear natural when given adequate care. Another thing to consider when moving is to keep succulents in an area with a moderate atmosphere. During summer, avoid placing them in a location where it will be scorching. In the winter, they should be kept in an area warmer than 40°F.

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The two most important things to put in mind when moving succulents to a new address in Sydney are preventing the cacti from tipping over and keeping them away from other belongings to ensure their safety. Removalists can be of help when relocating succulents. They will guarantee the overall protection of everything they deliver. 

Note that succulents, which have evolved to persist in extreme settings and prolonged periods with little to no water, have their own set of rules. However, they are still relatively straightforward and easy to maintain. Follow the above-given tips to ensure that you look out for each succulent’s safety, and make sure your removalist quotes include conditions for plant transport.


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