Rooting Succulents In Water – A Healthy Approach To Growing More Succulents

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Propagating succulents in water is when you use water as a medium for rooting a succulent’s cutting. This is unlike dry rooting, where you use compost or potting mix as the rooting medium. Water as a rooting medium is adequate and doesn’t cause root rot because, unlike waterlogged soil, there are no fungi. Let me show you today the quick steps to root succulents in water!

First, Choose A Relevant Succulent To Start …

To be honest, not all succulents are eligible for rooting in water. My recommendation is to use succulents that are best propagated with leaves. These are the easiest succulents to start, also you can increase the number of plants significantly. Some suggested candidates are Sedum, Echeveria, Graptopetalum, Graptosedum, …

A few examples of succulents that are easy to propagate. Images from Angel Smith on Facebook

There are many common succulents in these genera. You can pick any of them. However, only choose the healthy ones. What makes a healthy succulent? The one, with strong robust leaves, and no brown/ black tips, forms a strong stable structure.

Pick A Leave/ Cutting Then Allow It To Callous

The cutting/ leave you want to use for propagation has to be chosen carefully for the best results. It must be healthy, strong, and free of pest infestation, and no black/ brown spots. Also, If you are looking for a cutting, take the older cuts. If it is too young, it may not be a viable cutting for propagation. The best cuttings are usually towards the base of the stem or branch of the mother plant. Cut off the section you have selected at a 45-degree angle with a sterilized tool. For leaves, pick the healthy range of leaves you can see on the plant.

Keep the plant in a cool, well-lit place under shade for about three days, which allows the injured section to be callous. The formed callous ensures the cutting doesn’t rot when you put it in water. Attempting to root it while still fresh will cause it to rot, so you should never omit this step.

Setting Up The Vessel, Water & Start Rooting

It is advisable to root your succulent in a transparent container, where you can monitor the progress of rooting. Also, a transparent bottle allows the sun’s rays to get into the container and help in the rooting. A container with a small mouth is ideal because you can prop up the cuttings using their leaves. Remember to keep the cutting from going too deep into the water.

Put water into your container. The length of the cutting should determine the water level. Water should slightly touch the calloused part of the cutting. Sometimes, it is advisable to leave a tiny gap between the water and the cuttings. You should definitely avoid having large portions of the cutting underwater, which is prone to prevent the cutting/leaves from rooting.

If the cuttings are too small, you can drill small holes on the vessel’s side, especially if it’s plastic, to keep them in place. The waiting period is usually 2-6 weeks depending on the species and growth conditions. Observe after placing the vessel in a well-lit place. Add water if necessary and make any other changes—transplant to compost after rooting. Repotting the plants into the regular soil condition is crucial, which continues to the well-being of the plant. Make sure you do it right and have a complete plan of caring for it afterward!

This is what will happen if the part of the leaves is deep below the water.

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Final Words

Some people might say that this type of water-rooting propagation is somehow the same as succulent water therapy. Well, they might look the same, but they serve different purposes. Let me know if you can perform this propagation successfully!

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