How To Revive A Dracaena Marginata Plant

How To Revive A Dracaena Marginata Plant featured image

In most cases, Dracaena Marginatas can be saved, although it does depend on how severe the damage is. Before depicting how to revive your dracaena, you must find the exact problem. If you’re unsure precisely what it is, speaking about it with a garden specialist may be helpful. However, the following solutions help resolve the most common issues in these plants.

Overwatered Or Underwatered?

Resolving this issue can go one of two ways, depending on whether the plant’s root has been damaged. If the source appears damaged, you should consider planting it in fresh soil. Before repotting, you should trim off the damaged areas with clean shears. However, this may not permanently save your plant. If there isn’t any damage to the roots, you should be able to resolve the issue by providing a light mist of water to the leaves and keeping an eye on the soil to ensure the water drains.

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Notice An Infestation Of Pests?

This one is a simple fix, as you can you a soap-based and rubbing alcohol-based spray to eliminate them. You would use a more robust solution such as Neem Oil for the peskier or larger infestations.

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Damaged Stems

If your Dracaena Marginata experiences root rot, there are likely a few damaged stems around too. This issue can be difficult to revive. However, you can remove the damaged areas and keep up on watering and fertilizing them for a few weeks. If that doesn’t help, it may be best to get a new plant. A damaged stem usually means much more severe problems within the plant.

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