How To Propagate Succulents With Honey

How to propagate succulents with honey

How Do You Propagate Succulents?

As the natural habitats of succulents and cacti decline, the need to propagate and maintain these species in cultivation becomes increasingly crucial to their continued existence. Not only that but because growers and hobbyists who have tried to propagate succulents have found it very rewarding and attractive. Propagation has become part of the allure of growing these plants.

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There are several ways to propagate succulents. However, some species are easier to propagate than others. Although it takes a bit of trial and error to increase the probability of good results. In most cases, propagation is not difficult. Some of the most common ways to propagate succulents are:

Through Leaves

One of the most common ways to propagate silver is through its leaves. This is a method as simple as a leaf falling naturally to the ground. When this happens, it can likely root and grow into a new plant without any effort. We can also intentionally propagate through the leaves by carefully removing some of a healthy plant, then placing it in a pot with the proper substrate. You then wait for the leaves to take root and grow into a new plant. Generally, this method is done with several leaves at a time to increase the chances of successful propagation.

By Means Of Stem Cuttings

Propagation from stem cuttings is the most common and easiest way to propagate succulents in our home. When done correctly, propagating stem cuttings are more likely to give you a higher propagation success rate than propagating from leaf cuttings. Stem cuttings are taken from an existing plant then allowed to dry for approximately 10 days. After this time, the cuttings will begin to root from the cut end and begin to grow as a new plant.

Through Offsets Or Suckers

Not all succulents produce suckers, but all those that multiply on their own (hens, chicks, aloe, certain species of Haworthia, and some cacti) are suitable for reproduction through suckers. For this, we must carefully remove the young and the branches, place them in a suitable mixture for the pots, and start a new plant in that way. Eliminating suckers from the mother silver improves its health by focusing energy on the main plant’s growth rather than supporting its young.

By means of seeds

To harvest or sow our own seeds from an existing plant, we have to keep in mind that this takes a long time and is not the best route to follow if we want quick results for this process. However, it is one of the methods most rewarding when done successfully. The seeds can be harvested from the flowers of the plant. The flowers must be pollinated by pollinators, such as bees, or by self-pollination thanks to the wind. Another way to achieve self-pollination can be by using a brush to pollinate the flowers ourselves.

If all goes well, fertilization will occur. The flowers can be dried and stored. This way, seed crops can be made. The harvested seeds must have the right environment to germinate into seedlings. The germinated seedlings will be ready to transplant and treat as new plants once they reach a sufficiently developed size. Instead of harvesting your own seeds using self-pollination, we can buy seeds from a garden store or nursery and germinate them ourselves.

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Using honey for succulent roots

Succulents, thanks to their scant care and few needs, attract a very diverse group of growers. For many of them, growing succulents may be their first experience with growing any plant in general. Consequently, some tips and tricks have emerged that other gardeners may not be familiar with, such as using honey as a rooting aid for succulents.

Rooting succulents with honey

As mentioned above, unconventional methods can help us when growing succulents. One of these being using honey to encourage rooting. Honey has healing properties and is used to help with some medical conditions. It is also used as a rooting hormone for plants, thanks to its properties. Honey contains antiseptic and anti-fungal elements that can help keep bacteria and fungi away from the succulent leaves and stems that you are trying to propagate. Even growers claim that by dipping the succulent propagation pieces in honey, it stimulates the roots and new leaves on the stems.

If curiosity gets the better of us and we decide to try this honey method as a rooting aid, we must use various raw honey that is as pure as possible. Many derived products have very high amounts of added sugar and are closer to being syrup than honey. Something important that we should also take into account is that those products that have gone through the pasteurization process. They have probably lost the elements that can make them valuable when using them as rooting enhancers. To avoid any confusion or inconvenience is to carefully read the list of ingredients before using any product to test this peculiar theory. This product does not necessarily have to be the most expensive. The really important thing is that it is as pure as possible.

Does using honey for succulent roots work?

Despite being a method used, and there are even some detailed tests about the use of honey as an aid for the rooting of succulent leaves, there is no certification of any kind on this method’s authenticity. None of these tests affirms to be professional or conclusive. Many of the times this method was applied, very little difference was noticed in the growth of the roots of the plants.

However, on several occasions where this unorthodox method was used, a leaf was found that made a baby grow instead of sprouting roots first. This action was credited to the use of honey as it is the only different factor that was applied. This alone is reason enough to give it a try. We would all like to get to that point faster when we are dealing with the propagation of succulents from leaves.

Plant growth recipe with honey

Thanks to the fact that it is a method that many growers are still testing, it is likely that we will find many recipes around the internet, all of which are equally valid when selecting which one to use. That said, it is best to experiment with several of them to find one that works well for us and can give us the best possible results in our cultivation.

How to root cuttings with honey?

If we really want to try and see if it is possible to increase the effectiveness of the rooting of our succulent using honey, the first thing we should do is prepare the cuttings and the pot with their respective substrate. Your cuttings that we choose from the plant should be 6 to 12 inches long and cut at a slant angle of about 45 °. After this, we must submerge each cut in the honey mixture and then paste them directly on the substrate prepared in our pots. Cutting honey has been proven to be effective using a wide variety of potting substrate options, including soil, water, and even rock wool.

Tips to start using honey for rooting

Use the entire leaf of the plant. When propagating from cuttings, keep it right side up.

When planting our leaves or stems, we must make sure to submerge them adequately in, or on top of, our soil, it is best if it is sandy and moist but not wet.

We should place our cuttings in a location where they are covered with abundant bright light, but they mustn’t be in direct sunlight.

Keep them outside when temperatures are warm or indoors during colder temperatures, it is important to take care of our cuttings from temperature damage, especially in winter and if we live in cold and humid areas.

Succulent propagations are slow to show activity, which requires your patience. We must be calm and patient and observe our future plant’s progress in a calm way.

When applying honey to the cutting, some growers can advise us to water the honey, putting two tablespoons in a cup of warm water. Others dip the cutting directly into the pure honey and plant it. Neither method is proven to be more effective to try both and decide which one is more effective when it comes to the growth of our succulent plant and its roots.

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