How To Plant Succulents In Glass Containers Properly

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Succulents can survive in almost any given environment. It can be planted in ceramic pots, wooden containers, metal planters, plastic plant pots, hypertufa planters, and fiberglass or glass containers. Just take note that each container type has its advantages and disadvantages. Any containers you use must have enough drainage holes.

What you’ll need

There are essential items for you to prepare if you are considering how to plant succulents in glass containers properly.

  • Premade succulent potting mix – When using glass containers for your succulents, it is crucial to check that you are using an extremely well-draining potting mix. In case you decide to make your mix, it should have two parts regular potting soil, two parts of sand, and one part perlite. >> A soil mix full guide here
  • Different glass containers – You may use a mason jar, recycled squat-type jars, decorative bowls, glass terrariums, or even shorter drinking glass. A guiding principle on how to plant succulents in glass containers properly is to check that you are using a type of glass container suitable for the size and roots of your current succulent.
  • Decorative materials – Since glass containers are often used to add creativity to your succulents, don’t forget to add some colored gravel, pebbles, or even black or white sand as topsoil. Some may also opt to print or paint motivational quotes or greetings on the actual glass containers to add personality to their succulents.
  • Mesh tape -If you want to ensure that no soil is escaping your glass containers, you may use mesh tape to cover the drainage holes. Using mesh tape will still allow proper water drainage while securing that no soil is unnecessarily escaping your glass container.
  • Water can – Aside from providing enough sunlight, your succulents’ well-being must have proper watering. Water your succulents in a glass container every one or two weeks to avoid overwatering.

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Planting succulents in glass containers

The first step to properly plant succulents in glass containers is to remove the succulent from its current pot carefully. Check on how wet the soil is when removing your succulent. Make sure to remove any excess soil around the roots without damaging it. Take this opportunity to prune your succulent. Remove any dead or dying leaves from the succulent before replanting. Now, you may fill the glass container with stones and gravel at the bottom to help drainage.

Next, fill the container halfway or at around two to three inches with your pre-made succulent potting mix. Plant the succulent in the middle of the pot. Depending on size, you may opt to have two to three succulents in a glass container. Just make sure to consider the plants’ structure and height. Add your decorative materials as topsoil. This will surely make your succulents in a glass container stand out. Don’t forget to put the mesh tape at the bottom to secure the soil and water your newly replanted succulents in a glass container. Avoid flooding your glass container, and check if the drainage holes are enough or the soil is clogged.

Benefits Of Planting Succulents In Glass Containers

Using glass containers for succulents is an elegant and creative touch to your gardening. Aside from the aesthetic reasons for using glass containers, it allows you to see any overwatering signs on your plant easily. Since most glass containers are transparent, you can quickly check if a pool of water has been sitting at the bottom of your container for a long time. It will also allow you to check on the roots of your succulents quickly. Some infestations are visible at the roots of succulents. You can easily watch out for these pests or infestations using glass containers. 

What To Notice When Caring For Succulents In Glass Containers

Succulents, in general, are sensitive to overwatering. It might be better to water your succulents less than to overwater them. As much as possible, stick to the ideal watering schedule of one to two weeks, or you may also opt to water your succulent when the soil completely dries off. The drainage holes are among the watch-out points when planting succulents in glass containers. Another thing to check when caring for succulents in glass containers is if they are getting enough sunlight.

Final Words

Using glass containers for succulents will level up your garden or home. Understanding how to plant succulents in glass containers properly will save you time, resources, and effort. By providing the bare minimum and essential care needed by succulents, such as proper watering, enough sunlight, a well-draining potting mix, and a container with drainage holes, your succulents will thrive in its glass container.


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