How To Make A Succulent Embroidery Patch With Ease

When you love something, it manifests itself in your daily life.

For example, we are head over roots in love with succulents. From their endearing appearance that adds to their majestic colors and eye-catching shapes, these creatures have our hearts. We have welcomed them into our offices and homes, indulged in their health benefits, munched on them in Mexican cuisine to creating delectable succulent desserts.

Let’s face it, when you love something so much, it’s only fair to ‘wear it on your sleeve’!

How To Make A Succulent Embroidery Patch With Ease
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Succulents go vogue

Thirty years ago, succulents were frowned upon and left to grow wildly in deserted desert landscapes. After a period of drought, the influx of social media, and a generation of schedule inspired gardeners, and succulents are now the trendiest member of the plant kingdom.

It is refreshing to see the endless possibilities succulents have awarded us. While it is possible to make an appointment at the nail salon for a succulent manicure with nail art, the millennial plantsman is proposing to his partner with succulent jewelry.

The fashion world is not being left behind. Botanical embroidery is on the rise, with designers taking these intricate organisms with their playful shapes and beautiful colors onto fabric. Do-it-yourself patterns of individual Zebra Plant or the leaves of a large Crassula stand out on the corners of table linens, napkins, and tea towels.

Update your threads with a succulent embroidery patch

Have some prickly fun and switch up a denim skirt or polo shirt pocket with a spikey succulent. Add puns like ‘Can’t touch this’ or ‘Stay Sharp My Friend,’ and you might be the next trending Insta-fashionista! Whether you are a beginner or a professional outfitter, you can tailor these amazing plants to suit your lifestyle.

The easiest way to include succulents into your wardrobe is to purchase the iron-on, succulent embroidery patch kits. The kits include 6-12 embroidered patch appliques that you iron onto your choice of fabric. For those who want a bit of a challenge, you could opt for the embroidery sewing kits that contain a detailed instruction manual, color guide, pattern sheet, transfer, and stitch guide.

Try these succulent embroidery patch kits we found!

Last update on 2020-09-26 / Amazon

Create your succulent embroidery patch

It may sound like a daunting task, but thanks to technology, it’s just purchasing the pattern online, downloading it, printing it, and stitching it.

1. Buying and downloading the pattern

There are several sites on the internet where you can purchase patterns of your favorite succulents. After downloading the pattern, you can resize it to match the piece of fabric you intend to stitch. Most sample embroidery patterns are about 4 inches tall and would comfortably fit within a 6-inch embroidery hoop.

Check out some amazing succulent embroidery patch patterns here!

2. Mark your pattern

A professional dressmaker may be able to use tracing paper to mark out the pattern onto the piece of cloth, but for amateurs, it may get tricky to see the fine details. Your best bet would be to use a fine-tipped, heat transfer pen to mark your pattern. These pens work well with both heavy and light fabrics and are available in different colors and sizes.

Trace the design in reverse because the ironing process creates a mirror image of the design on the marked paper. Place the paper against the area of fabric you want to stitch and press firmly with a hot iron. Moving the iron back and forth could distort the image.

3. Secure the fabric

It is advisable to fasten your fabric in an embroidery hoop or frame before stitching. This helps to keep the fabric taut while sewing and minimizes the risk of damaging the embroidery or staining the fabric. Ensure that the pattern is at the center of the hoop or frame.

4. Color coordination

The color options for your succulent embroidery patch are up to you. Muted blue and green is a natural look for succulents, while natural shades and pastels give the succulents a modern look. Off pink or dusty purple can add that extra spark to the leaves of your succulent patch.

5. Darn it up

Start by stitching the outline of the pattern. Backstitch works well for creating solid lines. If your patch has some Sedum or Senecio succulents, a detached chain stitch will create beautiful patterns. If you need to accentuate a plant branch, you could use a stem stitch while satin stitch can create patterns of succulent ground cover.

Contrasting stitching styles while filling in the succulents will create depth and character to your pattern.

6. Tidy up

Cut around the outside of your fabric, making sure you leave at least 3 cm around the edge of your succulent patch. Get a piece of felt, cut it to match your patch, and firmly fix the two layers with stitches or glue. This will give your embroidery patch a firm background.

7. Pin it to win it

Secure a safety pin at the back of the patch and wear your succulent embroidery patch with pride!


How To Make A Succulent Embroidery Patch With Ease
A pair of scissors, rolls of thread and fabric @threadypulse

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