How To Make A Fairy Garden With Succulents/Succulent City Guide

Container gardens filled with succulents of different sizes, textures, and colors are beautiful, but why not take things up a notch and make a fairy garden? Fairy gardens are extra special container gardens filled with miniature plants and cute accessories like small cottages, tiny tea sets, and little benches. They’re called fairy gardens because they’re designed to be miniature worlds that a tiny fairy could live in. They feature lots of whimsical, brightly colored decorations and sometimes even fairies! You can put fairy, elf, or gnome figurines in your fairy garden to drive home the magical theme. 

If you want to learn how to make an adorable little world full of succulents and fairies in one of your spare pots, then keep reading! 

How to Make a Fairy Garden with Succulents
A fairly garden @angela.ega

Gather Your Supplies 

To make a succulent fairy garden, you’ll need some container, succulent soil, accessories of your choosing, and an assortment of small succulents. 

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1. Container

When it comes to choosing a container, your imagination is the only limiting factor! We’ve seen people use decorative bowls, wooden barrels, tiered planters, planter boxes, galvanized metal tubs, and even teacups to make their fairy gardens. As long as you can put soil in it, you can use almost anything as a planter for your fairy garden! Just make sure that the planter has drainage holes, so your succulents don’t get waterlogged.

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2. Accessories

As for accessories, we like to use a mix of natural and store-bought items. Acorns, twigs, bark, moss, rocks, small pebbles, and seashells all make great natural accents. You can use acorn caps as tiny dinner plates, and twigs to construct a picket fence or a bench. Bark makes a great door for a cottage, and moss, rocks, seashells, and pebbles can all be used to create a path that leads right to the front door. Get creative with the way that you utilize natural accents in your succulent fairy garden to make it feel like a lush, magical forest!

To go along with our natural decor, we like to buy a few items at the store. A little, premade birdhouse makes an excellent base for a fairy cottage. You can follow this tutorial and decorate your cottage with seashells and pinecones, or use brightly colored paints and flowers to make your house stand out. 

We also like to buy some dollhouse furniture to decorate our fairy garden. Benches and patio sets designed for dollhouses are the perfect size for a succulent fairy garden and help make it look like fairies live there! You can also pick up a few small fairy or gnome figurines and other whimsical decorations like toadstoolswishing wellsfountains, and bridges to complete your succulent fairy garden and make it look extra charming!

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3. Small succulents

Lastly, you’ll need to gather up some small succulents that you can plant in your garden. We put jade plants and mini pine trees (also known as crassula tetragona) in our succulent fairy garden because they look like trees and one can prune them so that they stay nice and small. Also, we like to use little green succulents that resemble bushes like echeverias, haworthias, and hens and chicks. We usually throw in lithops or two as well because they look like little rocks and would make an excellent place for a fairy to sit down and rest! 

If you need more ideas on which succulents to include, check out this post we wrote on the best succulents for fairy gardens!

How to Assemble Your Fairy Garden

Now that you have all of your supplies, you’re ready to assemble your succulent fairy garden! The first thing you should do is grab your container and fill it up with succulent soil. Then you should start planning out where you want all of your succulents palnts, accessories, and pathways to go. We like to place the largest objects like cottages and patio furniture in the fairy garden first, and then work in smaller accessories and plants around them. Finally, we plan out where we want our paths to be. 

There are no rules when it comes to placing your objects and plants. Let your imagination guide you! Put all of your accessories wherever you think they’d look best. In general, a succulent fairy garden with lots of greenery and accessories will look better than a sparsely decorated one, but it’s really up to you how many items you put in your garden! 

Once you’re happy with the way that your layout looks, you can start planting your succulents in the soil. Dig a little hole for each one of your plants and nestle them into the soil, making sure not to plant them too close together and overcrowd them. After planting your succulents plants and all of your buildings are in place, you can create pathways between them using pebbles and moss. 

That’s it! Your succulent fairy garden is complete. Now you can sit back and enjoy it! 

How to Care For Your succulent Fairy Garden

To keep your succulent fairy garden looking this perfect in the future, you’ll need to water and also prune it now and then. Succulents need to be watered about once every week or two. When you notice the soil getting dry, take a watering can and soak the soil thoroughly, until water starts to run out of the drainage holes of the container. Be careful not to get the leaves of your succulents wet! Allow the succulent soil to drain and completely dry out before you water it again, which should take about a week or two. 

In general, succulents grow slowly, but at some point, they will start to outgrow the container. When that happens, you should prune them to control their size. To learn how to do that, check out this article we wrote on pruning succulents. It’ll take you through the process step by step!


How to Make a Fairy Garden with Succulents
A fairly garden with succulents @amy_gims7

Fairy gardens are a beautiful way to display succulents! We hope that this tutorial has taught you everything you need to know to create one of your own. If you do end up making a fairy garden, make sure to share a picture of it with us on Instagram. We’d love to see it! 

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Happy planting! 🌵