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How to Water Succulent Plants-SC
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Succulents can survive in arid regions because of their ability to store water in their roots, stems, and leaves. For this reason, many people tend to overlook the fact that they need to water their succulents when planted in their homes. That said, to keep your succulents blooming, it is best to water them regularly.
In this article, you will get to know how to water succulents plants indoors or outdoors correctly, as well as how you can see if you are overwatering your succulents.

How to Water Succulent Plants-SC
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How to Water Succulent Plants-How to Water Succulents Indoors-SC
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How to Water Succulents Indoors?

Instead of just spritzing your indoor succulents, soak them to the extent that water gushes out from the drainage holes beneath the pot. Before watering your succulents again, ensure that the soil is parched. According to Bryce Lane, a horticulturist from North Carolina State University, check the soil after a week of watering to see if it is dry. If it is not, wait one or two more weeks. When watering indoor succulents, ensure that water does not get on top of the leaves to prevent rot.
Another thing to note about watering succulents planted indoors is that they need the most water during the spring when they are still growing. You can reduce the amount of water during the summer and even more during the winter. It is because, during the winter, succulents are in dormancy and do not get plenty of light, and so, their water requirement reduces.

How to Water Succulent Plants-How to Water Succulents in Outdoor Containers-SC
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How to Water Succulents in Outdoor Containers?

During the summer, you can place your potted succulents outdoors. Give your succulents the chance to adjust to varying temperature levels by placing them in a shaded environment before moving to a brighter area. That said, ensure that your succulents are not exposed to direct sunlight, especially during midday.
Outdoor succulents require more water and indoor succulents. What’s more, the water will dry faster because it is exposed to more sunlight and air.

The best kits for watering outdoor succulents are squeeze bottles and spout watering cans. Use any of these kits to pour water onto the soil until it is adequately soaked—from the top of the pot to the bottom. After that, wait until the soil dries out completely before watering the succulents again.

How to Water Succulent Plants-How to Water Succulents in the Ground-SC
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How to Water Succulents in the Ground?

Succulents such as Opuntia, Sedum, and Agave can survive harsh weather conditions, especially the fully grown ones with stronger roots. Both hardy and annual succulents need to be planted in well-drained soil. According to Lane, planting succulents in stagnant water is an exercise in futility.

He recommends changing the existing soil or mounding the soil where the succulents are planted. Creating a 2-foot mound of organic-based compost with a mixture of PermaTill will allow your succulents to flourish even if they find themselves somewhere different from their native environment.
In essence, a good soaking, good soil, and adequate drainage are needed for growing healthy succulents.

How Often Should I Water My Succulents?

Now that you know how to water indoor and outdoor succulents, the next question on your mind will be how often you should water your succulents? Well, to answer your question, first, note that there is no rigid watering schedule for you to follow.

The watering frequency depends on the succulent, the size of your pot, and the weather conditions in your area. The smaller the pot, the less moisture it can accommodate. Hence, the more frequently it needs to be watered. While some persons may need to water their succulents as rarely as once a month, others need to do that weekly.

That said, the right watering frequency that most indoor succulent growers adopt is watering 14 – 21 days at the early stage and adjusting the timeline as time goes on. Ensure that you do not overwater your succulents to avoid rot.
For you not to forget your watering schedule, as well as to avoid under-watering and overwater, you can use a tool called Succulent Tracker App (only iOS version available currently).

How to Water Succulent Plants-Signs Your Succulent is Thirsty-SC
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Signs Your Succulent is Thirsty

Even though succulents are recommended to be dry before watering, ensure that you do not dehydrate them in the process. Once you notice any wrinkles and wilted leaves, it is a sign that you need to water your succulents.
As your succulent cells try to transfer their stored moisture to other parts, they also try to accumulate more water to make up for the amount they have lost. But then, if the water is not available to replace what was lost, the cells begin to contract gradually, making the leaves that used to flourish shrivel.

How to Water Succulent Plants-Signs Your Succulent Has Been Overwatered-SC
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Signs Your Succulent Has Been Overwatered

The danger of overwatering succulents is that it damages the cell structure, roots, and leaves.
The first and most common sign of overwatering to take note of is discoloration. Once you notice the leaves are becoming soft, translucent, and squishy, know that you have been overwatering the succulents. Unlike under-watered succulents leaves that contract overwatered succulents leaves will be dropped.

While succulents can recover from overwatering, it is not all that easy. A great way to save overwatered succulents is to plant a new one with the cuttings to root and leaves.

How to Water Succulent Plants-Signs of a Healthy Succulent-SC
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Do you want a definite guide on the accurate way to water succulents (like a very easy, step-by-step guide, you just need to follow)? Here comes our new eBook The Correct Way to Water Succulents that will offload your concern. Check it out!

Signs of a Healthy Succulent

First off, plants will always tell you when they need something. But sadly, not everyone knows how to read the signs. While squishy leaves’ discoloration tells you that you are overwatering your succulents, shriveled leaves show that you are underwatering your succulents.

Hens and Chicks plants tend to shut down older, lower leaves as they grow. While this is a natural phenomenon that is part of the growth process, the leaves do not wither. They just become skinny, papery, and brownish. Prone these leaves to keep your succulents looking fresh. All in all, when watering your succulents, you have to consider the soil and the environment. Follow the watering guidelines we mentioned in this article. Your succulents will keep blooming even under the most adverse conditions.

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