How Long Will Succulents Last in a Bouquet?

Receiving a bouquet is nice. Perhaps it is congratulating you on an achievement like a new family member or a pick-me-up, cheer-me-up for someone ill. Maybe it’s your special day. Flowers are lovely, but succulent bouquets are spectacular!

Succulents are bright and breezy yet, at the same time, rustic and romantic. You can get them in muted pastels, dark or bright colors. They come in various textures like the rubbery Burro’s Tail, or the fluffy Bunny Ears cactus. You can pair pretty in pink Aeonium flowers with bright orange Aloe ferox flowers. 

Your desert-inspired bouquet may have a mix and match of all the world’s textures and shades of the rainbow. The selection is infinite.

Perks of a Succulent Bouquet

One of the best things about succulents is that you do not have to keep an eye on them. The desert flora are chubby, happy-go-lucky plants that remain vibrant for days without water. They survive on water stored in the fleshy leaves. They will not wilt until you neglect them.

A succulent bridal bouquet can dramatically offset expenses by using commonly grown succulent plants such as PachyveriaEcheveria, and Sedum. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the added cost of preserving a bridal bouquet made of succulents.

As a bonus, you can create an everlasting memento of your succulent bouquet by rooting it in the garden.

Succulent Bouquet Etiquette

Succulents are quite happy in a warm, brightly lit room. Even though the stems have been cut, succulents will maintain their sparkle for well over a week in the right conditions.

Remember always to use a clean cutting tool that will not crush the stem when slicing rosettes from various succulent varieties.

When trying to preserve your succulent bouquet, do not put it in the fridge ‘to stay fresh’. The temperature change will damage the succulents.

Making Your Succulent Bouquet Last Forever

Take off the ribbon wrapped around the bouquet and cut through the floral tape to reveal the wires and stems holding the succulents together. Carefully remove all the wires and stems without damaging the succulents. If your bouquet has incorporated typical flowers like lilies or orchids, you can separate them from the succulents.

Have a look around the base of the succulents for any dead leaves and remove them. This will encourage the plants to pull off roots as well as preventing rot later on. Let the succulents dry for about 2-3 days until the raw ends have hardened.

Prepare your growing area with a well-draining, cactus, or succulent mix. For a garden, you can prepare the plot in a shady spot using sandy soil. Place the succulents with the hardened end in the soil. Give your succulent a small drink once a week until the roots begin to appear. As they grow, you can dress up your succulent pots with bone, ash, or lava rock.

For air plants, place the hardened stem just above the surface of a glass of water. They are sun worshipers and would appreciate the time basking by sprouting roots that reach for the water.

We agree; flower bouquets are lovely, but succulent bouquets can last a lifetime. You have to give them a chance to thrive.

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