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This genus is also known as false yucca. It is an angiosperm (flowering plant) in the family Asperagaceae. There are twelve known species in this genus. The Etymology of its name comes from the Greek word ‘hesperos’, which means Evening Star, and the word ‘aloe’ since the genus has a physical resemblance to the aloe genus. Its leaves are lance-shaped and generally thin, although their width varies from species to species. Some species have leaves that curve outward, but some are straight. There is variance across species on how close together these leaves are in a rosette. Some are very close, while others are much further apart.

It produces an inflorescence from which flowers issue. The inflorescence is quite long; it can rise to four or five meters. It produces flowers directly on the upper half or on the branches that grow from it. Plants in the genus produce white, salmon, yellow, purplish–brown or green flowers. These flowers mature into an avoid, woody capsule about 2-4 centimeters carrying black seeds. It is cold hardy making it an ideal decorative plant for areas that experience frigid winters. Also, it is an excellent addition to collectors with cold greenhouses.

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