“Haworthia” Genus

Haworthia Genus Image

There are about sixty names species of this genus and over 150 named varieties in the genus. This genus belongs to the Asphodeloideae sub-family to which aloes also belong. It is a native of southern Africa including the nations of South Africa, Eswatini, Mozambique, Lesotho, and Namibia. They have a similar appearance as aloes only they are much smaller and their flowers are different from their bigger cousins.

Plants in this genus are referred to as dwarf leaf succulents and they are characterized by stemless rosettes of succulents, and soft leaves. These leaves are soft and brittle because the leaves have no fibers. Leaves are generally lance-shaped but there are considerable differences in the different species in the genus in terms of leaf shape, size, texture, and color.

Some of the species in the genus are clustering plants that produce many baby plants and can colonize an area if left unchecked. They produce singular flowering stalks across the genus. The flowers have distinct upper and lower lips (bilabiate) with a curved tube. They are greyish-white, pinkish-white, or green-white. 

Haworthia Plants On Succulent City

Haworthia Cooperi Image
Haworthia Cooperi
Haworthia Cymbiformis Image
Haworthia Cymbiformis
Haworthiopsis Limifolia Image
Haworthiopsis Limifolia
Haworthia Truncata Image
Haworthia Truncata
Haworthiopsis Attenuata Image
Haworthiopsis Attenuata
Haworthia Obtusa Image
Haworthia Obtusa
Haworthia Reinwardtii Image
Haworthia Reinwardtii
Haworthia Cuspidata Image
Haworthia Cuspidata
Haworthia Venosa Image
Haworthia Venosa
Haworthia Emelyae Image
Haworthia Emelyae
Haworthia Turgida Image
Haworthia Turgida
Haworthia Mirabilis Image
Haworthia Mirabilis
Haworthia Concolor Image
Haworthia Concolor
Haworthia Tessellata Image
Haworthia Tessellata
Haworthia Bayeri Image
Haworthia Bayeri
Haworthia Herbacea Image
Haworthia Herbacea
Haworthia Pentagona Image
Haworthia Pentagona
Haworthia Pumila/ Haworthia Margaritifera Image
Haworthia Pumila/ Haworthia Margaritifera
Haworthia Aristata Image
Haworthia Aristata
Haworthia Springbokvlakensis Image
Haworthia Springbokvlakensis


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