Top 5 Hanging Succulent Planters Worth Having

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We think that hanging succulent planters are one of the most underrated ways to display your succulents at your home. Hanging planters add so much visual interest to living spaces and make your succulents a true focal point in your home.

If you’ve never owned any before, you may be wondering where to buy hanging planters and what to put in them. We’ve got you covered! Just keep reading to hear all about our favorite hanging planters and succulents.

Which Succulents Look Good in Hanging Planters?

Trailing succulents are great for hanging planters because they spill and cascade down the sides of the planter. They give an abundant, lush look to any container you put them in.

Our favorite trailing succulents are Burro’s Tail and String of Pearls because they both have beautiful spherical leaves. Some other great choices are String of Hearts and Little Pickles. String of Hearts succulents have green and purple leaves that resemble hearts, and Little Pickles have green, spiky leaves and long, trailing purple stems.

Succulent City’s Favorite Hanging Planters

We scoured the Internet looking for the best decorative succulent planters, and this is what we found. We’ve included a few of our favorite DIY planters, too, just in case you’d rather save some money and make your own!

Macrame Plant Hangers

We love macrame plant hangers. They have a boho chic vibe and make any room you put them in look more eclectic.

These small macrame hangers are made out of durable jute rope. You can’t really hang them outside, but they look great indoors in bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens.

These hangers come in a pack of two for just $7.99, but you will have to purchase your own pots. We’d put small terracotta pots or textured white pots in these hangers, but any pot you have on hand will look great!

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We love planters that incorporate natural materials, so these jute hanging planters are just our style. But if you’d rather make your own, you can fashion some plant hangers out of jersey fabric. You only need a few household tools and thirty minutes besides the fabric. Get the full instructions here.

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Striped Ceramic Hanging Planters

Via Amazon

We’re obsessed with multicolor, so when we saw these planters, we knew we had to put them on this list! They come in a set of three for just $19.99, so they’re an absolute bargain.

These pots have a  beautiful top stripe, and are available in colors like light grey and a powder blue. The stripes only cover about the top inch of each pot, and the rest is painted either white, grey, or blue. This gives them a really clean, minimalistic look that will go with any decor.

<p[lasso amazon_url=”″ id=”12305″ ref=”mkono-4-5-ceramic-hanging-planter-set-of-3″ link_id=”26977″]/p>

These planters are suspended from durable cotton rope that won’t break. They have drainage holes, but come with plugs that you can use to stop the flow of water whenever you want. They’re ceramic and hand glazed, which we never would’ve expected at this price point!

We think that a Zebra Plant or variegated Snake Plant would look gorgeous in these planters. Any green succulent will look amazing, though, because it will pop against the white part of the planter.

Decorative Geometric Wall Planters

Geometric succulent wallplanter

Some people might argue that wall planters aren’t actual hanging planters, but since you hang them up on a wall, we include these geometric ones anyway! Just look at them… we couldn’t leave them out. These planters have a modern, geometric design that’s to die for. 

Each planter has a unique gold frame that’s shaped like a diamond. It holds up a mini white pot that can house one small succulent like a Haworthia, Echeveria or Aloe plant. These planters would look great in bathrooms, hallways, or anywhere else in your home where you want greenery. 

Even though these wall planters are cheap, you can save even more money by making your own. Our favorite DIY project uses coffee mugs as planters and simple hooks to hang them on the wall. You can use coffee mugs you already have in your home, but we think these adorable cactus mugs would make this DIY even cuter!

Pastel Blue Mini Planter Set

Via Amazon

The rest of the planters on this list are pretty neutral, so we had to include a pop of color with these fun pastel blue mini planters. They come in other colors too, but we think you should take a chance and go with the blue!

These planters are made of ceramic that has a beautiful shine to it. Despite being ceramic, they’re very lightweight. They come with twine rope that you can use to suspend them from your ceiling, which we recommend doing. Their unique globe shape makes them look amazing when you hang them up high against a wall.

These planters also have drainage holes, which is a big plus. They come as a set of four for $14.99, which we think is a great deal for what you get.

These planters are smaller, so we’d only put one or two plants in each to avoid overcrowding. We love how bright green succulents look up against aqua, so we’d probably put a String of Pearls in one and a cactus in the other.

But colored succulents, especially orange ones, would look great in these planters, too, so get creative and put whatever you want in them!

Round Metal Hanging Planter

Metal succulent hanging planter
Via Amazon

We’ve saved this one for last because it’s an absolute showstopper! This planter has a pretty gold pot, but that’s not what makes it unique. A shiny gold hoop encircles the pot, so it looks more like a sculpture than a plant pot. It’s modern, elegant, and everything we’ve ever wanted in a succulent planter. We’ve never clicked the “buy now” button so fast!

This planter isn’t just pretty—it’s functional and durable, too. Unlike a lot of decorative planters, this one has a drainage hole. Drainage holes are super important for succulent health because they can rot if they sit in too much water. You can rest easy knowing that won’t happen with this pot.

You’ll also be glad this planter is durable enough for outdoor use. It’s made of sturdy metal materials and has an iron chain instead of a rope one, so it can withstand wind. No matter where you put it, this planter is guaranteed to be a conversation starter!

We hope that this post has given you plenty of hanging planter ideas!. We got a few new ideas, and a few new hanging planters—we couldn’t resist purchasing that stunning, gold circular one!

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Which planter is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. Happy shopping, and happy planting!

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