[DIY] Using Pumpkins As Halloween Succulent Planters

using pumpkins as halloween succulent planters

Happy Fall from everyone here at Succulent City!

Fall means one thing… pumpkins… and pumpkin-everything at that! One of our favorite things to do with pumpkins is to create succulent pumpkin arrangements. YES, you read that right… Succulents and pumpkins together to make the dreamiest arrangements. If you haven’t seen them yet, they are all the rage and completely taking over our feeds for a good reason. This post is supported by the creation of Jessica Cain (@insucculentlove on Instagram).

Succulent pumpkins, also known by Laura Eubanks of Design for Serenity as ‘Succulent Topped Pumpkins’, were first designed by Laura herself. They were then made popular by famous succulent author Debra Lee Baldwin. Now, they are widely known by many!

Succulents can be added on top of any pumpkin, regardless of shape, size, or texture! In this project, succulents get adhesively attached to the top of the pumpkins and tend to last much longer than pumpkin season itself! Since these pumpkins aren’t carved open, they last 2-3 months and can even be planted afterward!

Necessary Supplies

To successfully create a pumpkin planter for succulents this Halloween, here is what you should prepare:

  • Hot Glue (or white glue)
  • Sheet Moss
  • Succulent Cuttings
  • Pumpkin(s)

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4 Steps to Make Succulent Pumpkins at Home

1. Start from the top of the pumpkin

On top of the pumpkin, working in small sections at a time, add hot glue (or white glue) directly on top of the pumpkin. Next, add a thin layer of sheet moss on top of the glue. The key to this step is to have the most securely attached to the pumpkin, as it is the foundation for the entire arrangement.

2. Utilizing cuttings to fill the entire area of the top

Using the succulent cuttings, arrange the succulents in a pattern to your liking on top of the pumpkin. If you prefer not to plan, then you can start with one succulent at a time.

DIY Succulent pumpkins for halloween
Attach moss to a pumpkin

3. Work Around the pumpkin

To attach each succulent, add a small amount of hot glue on top of the moss, and place the succulent cutting (stem) on top of the hot glue. Next, quickly add hot glue on top of the stem and cover it with a small amount of sheet moss (a layer of succulent, glue, moss). Repeat this process throughout the whole pumpkin, adding as many or as few succulents as you like.

DIY Succulent pumpkins for halloween
Hold a pumpkin with succulents planted in it

4. Ensure each succulent is attached securely

Before finishing your succulent pumpkin, gently wiggle each succulent. Each succulent needs to be securely attached to the pumpkin. If succulents seem loose, add glue to the cuttings to help secure them.

DIY Succulent pumpkins for halloween
Finally, attach them neatly.

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Caring for Your Succulent Pumpkin

To care for your succulent pumpkin, keep it in a well-lit location with bright light but out of the direct sun (the direct sun will rot the pumpkin). Mist the top of the pumpkin with water once a week. The succulents will slowly start to root in the moss. After pumpkin season is over, slice the top of the pumpkin off (without detaching the succulent), and plant it in the ground (with enough room for the pumpkin to decompose). The pumpkin will slowly decompose into the ground while the succulents continue growing! Another method is to snip off each succulent and plant them individually.

DIY Succulent pumpkins for halloween
Close-up of Succulent Pumpkins

Everything About Jessica & Her Book!

Jessica Cain, the owner of popular Instagram (@insucculentlove), is a botanical designer with her new book debuting 10/29! Her book, Stylish Succulent Designs & Other Botanical Crafts, contains 40 different DIY projects. Her book is available for pre-order on her site now, use code SuccCity to get 10% off & a special botanical gift with your purchase! Pre-Order Here!

Thank you for reading with us about this excellent fall DIY. For more DIY projects involving your succulents, check out “How to Make a Succulent Corsage” for another fun activity.

Happy Planting!

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