“Greenovia” Genus

Greenovia Genus

Greenovia is a small genus that consists of only five species. Some botanists group this genus with Aeonium thus sometimes you may find these plants classified as Aeonium. The succulents naturally occur in the Canary Islands in North Western Africa. The species include Greenovia aizoon (Aeonium aizoon), Greenovia aurea (Aeonium aureum), Greenovia diplocycla (Aeonium diplocyclum), Greenovia dodrantalis (Aeonium dodrantale), Greenovia sedifolia (Aeonium sedifolium).

The foliage of leaves in this genus is usually grayish-green and they form rosettes. Some of the rosettes appear like perfectly formed rose flowers with the leaves shaped in exactly the same way as a rose flower does. Also, some of their leaves have a rose tinge on the edges thus they are classified among rose succulents. Leaves in this genus are smooth and fleshy the older leaves turn pink and roll slowly from the rest of the succulent. Flowers for these plants grow from the center of the rosette hoisted by a stalk. They are daisy-like and typically yellow. The genus is sun-loving and easy to manage.

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