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This genus is a hybrid of the genera Graptopetalum and Echeveria. The plant’s shape and general appearance are similar to that of its parent genera. This hybrid is categorized as being in the family Crassulaceae and an angiosperm which means it is a flowering plant. There are many species of this plant grown all over the world.

Some nurseries in which these plants are bred label them as X-Graptoveria. The X is to show that the plants do not occur naturally but as crosses between two plants. Some of the distinctive features in this genus include a unique stem shape that only occurs in certain species. Also, its leaves and rosettes are often large. A single rosette can be as wide as 20 cm which is considerable when compared with the original genera.

The species with a trunk are characterized by a woody, strong, and slender stem. It may appear like a tree trunk with an attractive, rosette. These rosettes have many colors including light green, ash-green, and even red, brown, or various hues of purple. Leaves in this genus are usually cupped and pointed to look a little like little shovels. This genus is easy to keep.

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