“Graptosedum” Genus

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This is genus is a hybrid between Graptopetalum and Sedum. It, therefore, contains physical characteristics from both its parent genera. It belongs to the family Crassulaceae and is a rather short plant. Height ranges between 6 and 12 inches across the species and mature width are 6-9 inches. The genus forms compact rosettes that are typical to both its parents but its leaves are often so perfectly formed that some people may mistake a Graptosedum for an artificial plant.

Plants in this genus flower in from late spring to early winter so they have flowers for quite some time. They overcome Graptopetalum’s weakness of fast-withering flowers. There is usually a considerably long flowering stalk on which flowers grow. The genus stands out from the vast majority of succulents because its foliage turns pink when exposed to intense sunlight. There are seven species in this genus.

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