“Graptopetalum” Genus

graptopetalum genus

Graptopetalum is native to Mexico and the Southwestern United States. This genus belongs to the Crassulaceae succulent family. Graptopetalum’s name comes from the Greek “gaps,” meaning “marked” or “inscribed.” It is a small succulent genus with a silver-gray to pink color. Graptopetalum has small white to pink flowers that grow in long stems. Graptopetalum primary growth occurs during the fall and spring seasons and slowly grows during the winter. It grows up to 5-6 cm tall and 3-8cm in diameter. Graptopetalum can last long if you give it enough sunlight, water it moderately, and plant it in a cool place.

The most common succulent from this genus is probably Graptopetalum Paraguayense, Ghost Plant, or Mother of Pearl plant. However, the Graptopetalum genus is more than that. Here are all Graptopetalum succulents on Succulent City:

Graptopetalum Plants On Succulent City


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