“Gasteria” Genus

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This genus’ name is derived from the Latin word for stomach ‘gaster’ it is due to its flowers that are shaped like stomachs. The common name for the plant in this genus includes ox-tongue, lawyer’s tongue, cow-tongue, and some people call it mother-in-law’s tongue. The common names are because their leaves look like tongues. These leaves form uniquely shaped rosettes right from the ground. The initial leaves are decumbent but they take an upturn as they move from the ground. The leaves at the center of the rosette are sometimes almost horizontal.

The genus’ foliage is tough and it is defined by some natural white spots (distinctive to the white spots that cause troubles). Their primary color is usually green but it can change to brighter hues depending on the intensity of the sun to which the plant is exposed. The tips of these leaves can be sharp or rounded depending on the species.  It has sixteen species and it is endemic to South Africa. It flowers in spring and there may be some flowers in summer, from time to time. The blooms are usually red or pink and quite showy. Besides the color, their stomach-like shape makes them beautiful.

Gasteria Plants On Succulent City

Gasteria Armstrongii Image
Gasteria Armstrongii
Gasteria Flow Image
Gasteria Flow
Gasteria Batesiana Image
Gasteria Batesiana
Gasteria Little Warty Image
Gasteria Little Warty
Gasteria Acinacifolia Image
Gasteria Acinacifolia
Gasteria Carinata Image
Gasteria Carinata
Gasteria Liliputana Image
Gasteria Liliputana
Gasteria Glomerata Image
Gasteria Glomerata
Gatsteria Bicolor Image
Gatsteria Bicolor
Gasteria Pillansii Image
Gasteria Pillansii
Gasteria Fuscopunctata Image
Gasteria Fuscopunctata
Gasteria Verrucosa Image
Gasteria Verrucosa
Gasteria Minima Image
Gasteria Minima
Gasteria Gracilis Image
Gasteria Gracilis
Gasteria Okavango Image
Gasteria Okavango
Gasteria Aristata Image
Gasteria Aristata
Gasteria Disticha Image
Gasteria Disticha
Gasteria Baylissiana Image
Gasteria Baylissiana
Gasteria Brachyphylla Image
Gasteria Brachyphylla


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