“Furcraea” Genus

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Furcraea belongs to the Asparagaceae family and it is a native of the tropical regions of Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and the northern parts of South America. It has become a part of the habitat in Florida, Australia, Portugal, India, and Thailand through naturalization. There could be up to 25 species in this genus. It falls under the group angiosperms, meaning all plants in the genus are flowering.

Plants in this genus are characterized by lance-shaped leaves of various sizes depending on the species. Some of them are stemless and the stem is an average of one meter long for the ones that have stems. Sometimes the leaves can have spines on the edges like the stems formed in aloes. These spines are hooked. Flowers usually have adventitious bulblets and they grow from complex flowering stalks that can be several meters tall. These stalks are well-formed and some may take them for stems. Plants in this genus that don’t have stems have rosettes from the base and each can have a rosette or two arranged vertically. 

Furcraea Plants On Succulent City

 Furcraea Foetida Image
Furcraea Foetida (Giant False Agave)
Furcraea Macdougalii Image
Furcraea Macdougalii (MacDougal’s Giant Century Plant)
Furcraea Mediopicta Image
Furcraea Mediopicta (Mauritius Hemp)


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