Four Benefits of Having Succulents in Your Dorm

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Living plants have always been an aesthetic addition for the indoors, but succulents have a special place in everyone’s homes. Plants become valuable to the atmosphere of the room, especially if you’re living in a dorm. Since dormitories aren’t usually that fancy, succulents can instill magic that no other plant can.

However, the benefits of succulents are more than just their beauty. Their calming greenery can enable students to study better and help with different kinds of issues. Yes, it can even help with lab report writing or those annoying research papers. The freshness of aloe vera, the thorned beauty of cactus, and the oxygenating snake plant are precisely the kind of assignment help your mind needs when it gets stuck. Merely looking at them provides a detox from all the online fatigue.

By now, you’re probably already thinking that plants for dorm rooms are a big ‘yes.’ Well, your agreement will only get stronger when you read about their health benefits. Without further ado, let’s begin exploring the top four reasons why you can’t live without this kind of unique vegetation in your room and how it can be advantageous, even when it comes to preparing for that class you hate.

Four Benefits of Having Succulents in Your Dorm 2

Indoor Air Purification

It is a well-known fact that plants consume carbon dioxide and produce life-supporting, fresh oxygen. Of course, having more flora indoors means that you get more fresh air to breathe. However, succulents are unique. They can get rid of harmful Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs from the air.

VOCs are produced by burning fuel, which means that people in cities with high pollution levels have more VOCs in their room’s air. They transport the harmful compounds into the soil and later use them to make their food. Succulents can trap these VOCs and eliminate them from the air, giving you pureness in every breath. Effectively, the VOCs are lost for good.

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De-Humidifying Action

Humidity in your room’s atmosphere can have many side effects. Not only can it ruin your mood by making you feel stuffy, but it can also degrade the infrastructure of your rooms – your walls, paintings, portraits, woodwork, furniture, etc. If you want to enhance their lifetime, all you need is a couple of succulents that don’t need light inside your room.

For any student, the advantage of keeping a succulent is vast, and happiness is guaranteed! Succulents preventing you from catching a cough/ cold is one of the many health benefits. Moreover, if you have low humidity in your room, succulents can help bring it up to a healthy percentage.

Improved Memory

Over time, education can get hectic for a student. Succulents help you remedy this situation of academic distress by giving you more focus and better memory. Before you know it, you will be getting more productive, taking fewer sick days, and getting better grades at school. Isn’t it just amazing that these adorable, thick-leaved plants can help you improve so much?

There isn’t any scientific reason behind why this happens. Still, studies show that people are happier, more successful, and better focused around plants than not being surrounded by them. Given what you have, keeping a few pots in your room will surely not harm you and is worth a chance!

Enhanced Sense of Responsibility

It’s no secret that taking care of a plant is much like taking care of a baby, but it’s more challenging because plants can’t speak. Succulents are great because they are relatively easy to take care of, and if you’re new at gardening, you’re more likely to succeed. If you succeed at taking care of them, of course, they will fill you with a fantastic sense of motivation, but if you fail, it can be heart-breaking.

Four Benefits of Having Succulents in Your Dorm 1

If you’re a clumsy person or someone who panics away from initiatives, keeping a succulent might be the one out-of-the-box lesson that turns your life around. Nevertheless, these plants will give you the whole ‘being a parent’ experience. Ensuring that your succulent is adequately watered and receives a balanced amount of sunlight will help you enhance your sense of responsibility.

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There are many succulent plant benefits, beginning from physical health to better mood, focused writing, creative assignments, and so much more. Every college student living in a hostel or dormitory must surely give succulents a try. They will not just beautify your room but enhance your whole life with their pink, purple, red, and green hues. 


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