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This genus is native to southern Africa. Water Roots is the common name for the entire genus because of the caudex, a constant characteristic across the genus. This caudex is primarily used to store plant water, an adaptation for the arid lands in which the plant appears in its habitat. However, you will likely find plants in all climates, and the caudex would still be a part of them. It is a relatively small genus comprising only six species. The species include F. angustifolia, F. capensis, F. edulis, F. sinuata, F. comaru and F. multiflora. Its name is drawn from Charles Focke, a Dutch botanist.

Plants in the genus have opposing leaves that grow on branching stems. When injured, the plant’s stem produces much milky latex, like Euphorbia. The latex is poisonous, but some Fockea is edible by the Hottentots and can be ground into flour. Prolonged cooking makes latex inactive. Their flowers are small and can be yellow or white. Some plants in the genus are vines.

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