“Faucaria” Genus

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This genus belongs to the family Aizoaceae. It is a native of the Cape Province in South Africa. And its main characteristic is the triangular mottle leaves. The leaves are curved inward length-wise and they have soft teeth at their edges. Leaves are opposite and their shape and upright teeth on the edges of curved leaves make it look like the mouth of an animal.

These plants’ leaves are dark green but the hue can turn purple if the plants are exposed to intense sunlight. They are adapted to hot temperatures so they are likely to be purple in their habitat if they are not under a shade. Members of this genus are flowering and produce flowers with thin petals. They are typically golden yellow and they grow from stalks that develop at the center of the rosettes developed by the leaves.

This genus has 33 species and its etymology is from the Latin word ‘fauces’ which means animal’s mouth due to the appearance of its leaves and the presence of teeth on the edges. Plants in this genus usually don’t have stems, rosettes develop right from the bottom with each new one growing on top of the previous ones.

Faucaria Plants On Succulent City

Faucaria Tuberculosa Image
The Pebbled Tiger Jaws Succulent ‘Faucaria Tuberculosa’


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