27+ Succulent FAQs – You’ll Probably Find Your Concern About Succulents Here

While making this blog Succulent City, I found all kinds of exciting questions received by succulent lovers worldwide. I appreciate those questions because people have concerns about growing succulents, which we are delighted to help. But over and over, the questions are repeated. There must be a place to answer all frequently asked questions (FAQs). That’s why this page archives all our readers’ questions with detailed answers from our experts. Let’s begin with the first question:

#1. How do you spell succulent?

According to Oxford Language, it’s /ˈsəkyələnt/.

#2. Where do succulents come from?

It’s impossible to say that all succulents come from a single place. They come from different parts of the world. To read more on the history and origin of succulents, click here!

#3. Are succulents easy to take care of?

If anyone is asking this question, are you planning on taking up this new hobby? Growing succulents can be addictive (haha). Caring for succulents is not easy, but it’s not hard. When you first start something, there will be problems. Common problems when growing succulents are overwatering/underwatering, long root bound, sunlight shortage, and shriveled leaves, … And we have solutions for all of them. So it’s easy to take care of succulents if you follow us (smiley face).

We have this article that will be a perfect fit for anyone who asks this question: 10 Tips On Succulent Care For Beginners. This article might carry a bag of nerves away from you.

#4. Are succulents good for air? Do succulents clean the air?

Yes, succulents are suitable for air (especially in a compact space). We have compiled a list of succulents with the best air-purifying effect in this post. However, succulents can’t replace the air purifier if you live in a crowded and polluting city. Succulents can produce a small amount of oxygen in the room, even at night, so it’s good to have some plants in your room.

#5. Do succulents need plant food? Can I use all-purpose plant food for succulents?

Plant food here is fertilizer. Every plant needs fertilizers to thrive (not survive) better. Succulents are not exceptional. You can use that for an all-purpose plant food, but in the right amount, not too much. Because succulents can live happily in normal conditions (proper soil mix, watering schedule, …), so you don’t necessarily need to use high-quality fertilizers. Remember to use all-purpose plant food in small quantities if you want to use it.

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#8. Can succulents grow in shade?

Yes, of course. Even more, some succulents enjoy living in the shadow.

#9. How long do succulents live?

We have this exact article for your question: How Long Do Succulents Live? – Learn About The Succulent Lifespan.

#10. Are succulents indoor or outdoor plants?

You can place succulents both indoors and outdoors. Succulents can survive in harsh conditions, like an environment without much water, light, or nutrition. But caring for succulents indoors and outdoors might be different. If you plant succulents outdoors, follow any general guide on caring for succulents like a watering guide, fertilizing, and preparing soils, … If you plant succulents indoors (or put them indoors during winter), you can check this guide for more helpful information as the indoor condition is quite different.

#11. How do you know when a succulent needs water?

There are multiple signs of underwatering, such as dry soils, shriveled leaves, soft leaves, and dry roots, … If you forget to water for a long time, your succulent might not survive. We have a detailed guide on underwatered succulents which clarifies signs of succulents not getting enough water, how to deal with the situation, and more.

#12. Do deer eat succulents?

No. Deer don’t eat succulents, though they are herbivores. They will eat grasses, sedges, or leaves, but they will not eat succulents.

#13. Do squirrels eat succulents?

Yes, squirrels love eating succulents. Squirrels, possums, mice, and other rodents eat succulents. Your cat or dog might try succulents occasionally, but they will mostly not like the taste of succulents. However, ensure that your succulents are not toxic to them, or they might kill your pet.

#14. Do succulent leaves grow back?

Whenever someone’s succulent leaves fall, I get asked this question. I understand you wonder if succulent leaves will ever grow back at the exact place they fall. In short, no! The leaves will not grow back at the same stem but on the top of your succulents. In this case, your succulent is not going to die.

#15. Do succulents attract bugs?

Yes, because succulents store a significant amount of water. Bugs and insects searching for water will love eating your succulents. That’s why we need common knowledge about succulent pests and pest control.

#16. Do succulents have roots?

Yes. Succulents do have roots.

#17. Do succulents have seeds?

Yes, succulents have seeds. This is among many ways to propagate/ reproduce your succulents. However, the succulent seeds are mostly tiny to small. You will want to take the seed indoors, where it’s not windy, so your succulent seeds will not be carried away.

#18. Do succulents like coffee grounds?

Coffee grounds, when broken down, can add nitrogen to the soil. Moreover, coffee grounds can balance the PH levels in your soil and provide a perfect acidic environment for succulents to thrive. So, if succulents can talk, they will say they love coffee grounds. Note: Making coffee grounds your fertilizers is best, not soil. For more details about this topic, visit this article!

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#19. Do succulents like humidity?

Every plant needs humidity, but at what percentage? Succulents love a humidity level of 40% or above.

#20. Do succulents need direct sunlight? Do succulents need a lot of light? How much sun do succulents need?

Succulents love sunlight. It’s best to place them in a room with natural light from the windows. If not, succulents can survive the low-light condition (especially these ones). This fact also confirms that succulents don’t necessarily need a lot of sunlight. For the right amount of sunlight a succulent needs and everything about lighting for succulents, check this article!

#21. Are you supposed to water succulents? Do succulents need a lot of water?

Yes, a watering schedule is essential for succulents. Succulents do not require a lot of water, but the watering frequency is vital for a succulent’s life. A succulent might get root rot after being overwatered or die if you don’t drink enough water.

#22. How do succulents reproduce?

Succulents can reproduce naturally or by human impacts, known as different propagation methods. In nature, succulents will pollinate with the help of a 3rd party, such as bees or insects. Most of us who have a succulent garden don’t do it the same way. We can root new succulents by stem, leaves, and cuttings, then replant the tree into a new pot. There you have a new succulent thriving! For more on propagating succulents, read this article!

#23. Do succulents need drainage soils?

Yes. Well-draining soil is essential for succulents. Also, well-draining soil is not enough, you will also need a container with drainage holes. For choosing suitable pots, you can see this article for references.

#24. Do succulents need to be repotted?

It’s recommended that all potted plants be repotted after a specific period. The suitable period for succulents is 2 years. You should repot your succulents biannually for the best growth.

#25. Do succulents produce oxygen?

Yes, succulents are among the plants which produce oxygen even during the nighttime. However, the amount of oxygen produced from a succulent is not significant. Succulents can’t replace the air purifier in your house. However, it’s better to have some plants indoors. Not only does it help decorate your space, but it also provides a bit of clean air.

#26. How big do succulents get?

Each succulent will have its desired size, and we can’t get the correct data for this question. Succulents growing big in most cases is not a good sign. They will have lengthy roots, old soft leaves, or more spines. Before succulents reach a more extensive form, we trim/ prune them. Trimming or pruning is quite a helpful routine for your succulents, making them grow healthier and look better (if you know how).

#27. How cold can succulents tolerate?

Most succulents won’t survive under 40 degrees Fahrenheit (below 4.4 degrees Celsius). It’s recommended to put your succulent inside during winter. Or else your succulent might be frozen and die.

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#28. How long for succulent cuttings to root?

It will take about 3 weeks for succulent cuttings to root. You can visit this post for a detailed guide about propagating succulents from cuttings.

#29. Is peat moss good for succulents?

Yes, peat moss is incredibly suitable for succulents. Apart from nutrition, peat moss is a well-draining component, a good factor for perfect succulent soils.

A Few Final Words

This page will be a helpful resource for beginners and experienced succulent growers. This page is published to record all succulent FAQs, so if you have any questions, leave a comment below or email me at [richard.succulentcity@gmail.com]. Your comment/question will enrich our page. Therefore, we can help more readers come by this page. Thanks for visiting Succulent City & I hope to see you around soon!

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