“Euphorbia” Genus

Euphorbia Genus

Euphorbia is a cactus-like genus with plants that fall under it, originating from most of the continents in the world. They originate from Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, and South America. Spurge is the common name for the entire genus, but one of the most popular species, Euphorbia Milii, has several interesting common words. They include Crown of Thorns, Christ Thorn, and Christ Plant.

Latin America and other Spanish-speaking regions are Corona de Cristo or Corona de Espinas. If you are familiar with the Bible, you may have already connected the names and the crucifixion of Christ. Legend has it that this plant’s thorns were used to make the crown of thorns put on Christ’s head during his crucifixion.

Euphorbia Varieties

Euphorbia has numerous varieties. Below is a table of the most common of them:

Common NameBotanical NameUSDA Zones
PoinsettiaEuphorbia Pulcherimma10a – 11b
Desert CandleEuphorbia Abyssinica9b -11b
Pencil CactusEuphorbia Tirucalli10 – 12
African Milk TreeEuphorbia Trigona9 – 11
Dragon Bones TreeEuphorbia Lactea10a – 11b
Crown of ThornsEuphorbia Milli9 – 11
Wood SpurgeEuphorbia Amygdaloides6 – 8
Myrtle SpurgeEuphorbia Myrsinites5 – 9
Basketball EuphorbiaEuphorbia Obesa9 – 11
Cushion SpurgeEuphorbia Polychroma4 – 8

Euphorbia has over 2100 varieties, making it the most diverse flowering plant in the world. The number also makes it impossible to list all the varieties. One thing about this genus is that the plants under it are highly diverse, and many hardly look alike apart from the common characteristics discussed earlier.

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