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As we know, our plants add colors to our spaces, clean the air we breathe, and produce products that add value to our lives. This article is perfect if you are looking for a new house plant. We will discuss house plant care tips, features, and more. For this article, we will talk about Euphorbia Loricata. Continue reading and get to know more about Euphorbia Loricata.

Care, Features, And Origin Of Euphorbia Loricata

Care, features, and origin of Euphorbia Loricata
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Euphorbia Loricata is native to South Africa, specifically Western Cape. It grows in a mossy-lichen habitat on steep slopes.


If you are looking for a plant with slender leaves, Euphorbia Loricata is for you. It is a shrub with slender leaves at the branch tips that will eventually drop off, leaving stems covered in just dried Cyathium stems. This will resemble sharp spines Euphorbia Loricata can grow up to 3.3 feet tall. Branches are erect, fleshy, cylindrical, and up to 0,6 inches in diameter. Euphorbia Loricata’s color is light green to bright red when full-grown under the sun. The leaves are up to 3 inches long and 0.25 inches wide. During summer, your Euphorbia Loricata will be leafless. Relatively, this type of plant is fast-growing and perennial.

Ideal Sunlight And Temperature

Euphorbia Loricata is extremely heat temperature tolerant and doesn’t mind too much sunlight. It prefers full sunlight to slightly shaded sunlight. In case you place your plant indoors, don’t forget to let it get some sunlight outdoors to keep it healthy. Your Euphorbia Loricata is USDA hardy at zones 10a, 10b, and 11a. Its cold tolerance temperatures are from 30 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Watering and Pot Requirements for Euphorbia Loricata

Watering and Pot Requirements for Euphorbia Loricata
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Unlike most succulents, your Euphorbia Loricata doesn’t mind more watering, especially during summer. Ensure to water deeply and only when the soil has dried out already. This is very important to avoid overwatering that causes root rot. Be mindful that most succulents die due to overwatering than drought, so it is imperative to avoid too much watering or letting the water stay for too long on the soil. Aside from being mindful of your watering schedule, you may also need to be careful with your pot. It is essential to choose a pot with suitable drainage holes. This is crucial in ensuring the water has enough space to flow. Having a proper pot with drainage holes will avoid clogging and overwatering.


You may feed your Euphorbia Loricata through your planting hole. Feeding your plant with a half-strength fertilizer monthly is safe, especially if you notice that you plant your Euphorbia Francoisii in poor soil. Aside from monthly feeding, another critical factor of Euphorbia Loricata care is to avoid feeding it during its stagnant season.

Ideal Soil

To let your Euphorbia Loricata thrive, choose the proper soil for it. It is advisable to use a well-draining soil mixture. You may add sand, clay, and porous soil to have more mixtures, allowing air and space on your soil. It would be best to use a well-draining soil mixture to avoid poor drainage that may cause root rot and other diseases.

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Euphorbia Loricata Propagation

Stem cuttings can easily propagate your plant. It is advisable to start this process during late spring to early summer. Don’t forget that you must allow your cuttings to be callous for 2 to 3 days after cutting. Once your cuttings are calloused, plant your cuttings in a well-draining soil mixture. Wait for several weeks for your Euphorbia Loricata to be rooted. You may also propagate through seeds. However, propagating through seeds requires more time and has less success rate.

Final Words

This article opens our eyes to the magic and uniqueness of Euphorbia Loricata and how easy Euphorbia Loricata care is. Various plants are available for new plant lovers, but we hoped that you might consider Euphorbia Loricata through this article. This incredible plant doesn’t need much, just make sure that it is receiving full sunlight, proper well-draining soil, and enough. Do you want to read more about Euphorbia plants? The related reads are below:

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