The Wrinkled Leaf Spurge ‘Euphorbia Decaryi’

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Have you ever thought of getting a house plant? Maybe at this point, you are still not sure about what type of plant you want to have. Given that a thousand options are available to you, we understand that it might be an overwhelming task. Having a house plant has a lot of benefits. Aside from adding colors and life to your home, it is also suitable for the quality of the air we breathe and can even help lessen our stress, depression, and anxiety. It is not surprising to see many people interested in having their house planted.

Through this article, we hope that we will be able to shed some light on this new journey of yours. For this article, we will talk about Euphorbia Decaryi. This plant is a type of succulent that is relatively easy to take good care of. Along with this article, let’s learn more about Euphorbia Decaryi care, features, and propagation. Continue reading, and who knows, this Euphorbia might be the perfect baby plant for you. Even if you have thoughts of getting a different plant, we hope you would still be open to learning more about this one.

  • Sunlight: prefers full or at least enough sunlight if placed indoors.
  • Watering: avoid fitting and excessive water for too long on the soil.
  • Temperature: prefers zones 10a and 11b at 30 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Soi: advisable to use a well-draining soil mixture.
  • Growth Season: Spring/Summer.
  • Flower: yellow-green, yellow, or red.
  • Propagation: propagated from seeds and cuttings.
  • Height: 6 inches.

Origin And Features of Euphorbia Decaryi

Euphorbia Decaryi is native to Madagascar. This type of plant grows in a mossy-lichen habitat on steep slopes.

This plant is a succulent shrub with beautiful wavy, zigzag-edged leaves. It can grow up to 6 inches tall and usually spread horizontally on the ground through rhizomes. The stems are fleshy, corky, root-like, usually angled, and spiraled over the leaves. The flowers are yellow-green, yellow, or red.

bloomed euphorbia decaryi
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Ideal Sunlight And Temperature

Euphorbia Decaryi prefers full sunlight. If the plant was placed indoors, it is better to let it stay outdoors to get enough sunlight. If you couldn’t put it outdoors, make sure that it is set where it can get enough sunlight. This succulent also prefers zones 10a and 11b  at 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Watering and Pot Requirements

Euphorbia Decaryi needs typical watering as other succulents. Avoid for the water to fit for too long on the soil, and excessive watering should be avoided. A lot of succulents die due to overwatering than due to dehydration. Please be mindful of the ideal watering method called soak and dry. You have to ensure that it has enough drainage holes for the pot. This will allow the water to flow continuously and won’t clog your container.

Do You Need Fertilizer For Euphorbia Decaryi?

Feed Euphorbia Decaryi through your planting hole. It is safe to feed your plant with a half-strength fertilizer monthly, especially if you notice that you plant it in poor soil. Ensure that you are not providing your plant during its stagnant season as it is terrible for it.

Ideal Soil

Euphorbia Decaryi will thrive in a proper soil mixture. It is advisable to use a well-draining soil mixture. You may add sand, clay, and porous soil to have more combinations, allowing air and space on your ground. You must be using a well-draining soil mixture to avoid poor drainage that may cause root rot and other diseases. Euphorbia Decaryi care is relative. It doesn’t need much unique feeding or rare soil mixture to survive.

Euphorbia Decaryi Propagation

Euphorbia Decaryi can be propagated through seeds and cuttings. Stem cuttings can quickly propagate your plant, and it is advisable to do this process during late spring to early summer. Don’t forget that you need to allow your cuttings to be callous for 2 to 3 days after cutting. Once your cuttings are calloused, plant your cuttings in a well-draining soil mixture. Wait for several weeks for the plant to be rooted. Propagating through seeds is also possible, but it is slower and will take too much patience and care.


Final Words

All in all, Euphorbia decaryi is a lovely and unique succulent. It is relatively easy to grow. You need to note enough sunlight, proper watering, and a good soil mixture. Feeding this plant is not even required and only serves as an additional source of nutrients for your plant. Euphorbia decaryi might be the perfect plant for you if you want a chill and beautiful plant to add colors and life to your home. We hope you can better understand how to care for Euphorbia decaryi. May you stay open and curious about the different types of succulents available for you. We believe that you will now be able to grasp more consideration in getting a new plant baby.

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