Elephant Bush Vs Jade Plant – What Is The Difference Between Jade Plant And Elephant Bush?

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Jade plants (Crassula) and elephant bush (Portulacaria afra) plant can be easily mistaken due to their quite similar outlooks. Not only that, they share the same South African origin and stress patterns (when exposed to extreme sunlight). But these are two different succulent plants. Today, I will show you the differences.

Before we point out the differences, let’s talk more about the similarities. Both jade plants and elephant bushes have shiny green leaves, sometimes with reddish edges under intense light. Their young plants look alike, growing in a branching, shrubby way. Both require similar care needs, like well-draining soil and occasional watering, which makes it easy for people to mix them up, seeing them as easy-to-maintain succulents.

The Differences Between The Elephant Bush Plant Vs Jade Plants

The two plants are different, and here are some key differences between them two:

Jade Plant (Crassula)Elephant Bush (Portulacaria)
Originnative to South Africa and Mozambiquenative to South Africa
Leavesoval, thick, shiny, smooth green leavesfleshy but flatter and smaller with green hues
Stress reactionred tinges around the leaves’ edgesSimilar
Stemthick & woody when agedless woody
Growthgrow upright, tend to become tree-likecascading growth habit (great for hanging baskets)
Flowerssmall, star-shaped white or pink flowersalso small and star-shaped but pink to lavender in color
Cultural Usesknown as “Spekboom” in Afrikaans – a significant role in traditional African medicine and cuisinewell-known as “lucky plant” or “money plant” in Chinese culture

Choose between jade plant and elephant bush?

To be honest, I think both are fine. We don’t need to be picky. However, there are several things to consider if you want to pick the most suitable for your place. Jade plants grow slower and are bushier, fitting small spaces, while elephant bushes proliferate and are tall, needing more room. Jade plants have round, dark green leaves that can turn red in bright light, while elephant bushes have small leaves on red stems. Though both like lots of light, jade plants can handle less light better.

Regarding the care for these plants, both need water when the soil is dry, but jade plants are more lenient with irregular watering. They like moderate temperatures; however, elephant bushes handle heat and dryness better. Propagation is super straightforward for both, but elephant bushes root quicker. Choose based on your home or garden’s needs.

A Few Closing Words

It’s fantastic to address this question. The post also includes an infographic that welcomes shares from my beloved readers. Let me know if you want to know anything else!

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