Echinopsis Cacti On Succulent City

Echinopsis Genus Image

Echinopsis cactus is for prickly cacti lovers. This excellent Echinopsis cactus plant has its origin in South America. The plant is sometimes called the hedgehog cactus, Easter lily cactus, or sea urchin cactus. By now, you might have understood that the Echinopsis genus is a spiky or prickly appearance that gives it its nicknames. It is a plant that is densely covered with spines.

The Echinopsis represents a genus that is one of the biggest, with 128 species. The genus is home to plant species of different sizes. There are large-sized plant species and small-sized species too.

What is expected in all of these plants is the beautiful flowers present in each. The giant flowers (4-6 inches) are often multicolored with a beautiful blend. The colors and types of flowers can vary from the original Echinopsis thanks to the extensive hybridizing done on the plants.

Did you know that, unlike most cacti that produce a single flush of flowers annually, Echinopsis plants produce blooms of flowers as long as the temperatures during the day hit 21 degrees Celsius?

Fun fact about Echinopsis 🙂

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Echinopsis Plants On Succulent City

Echinopsis Tubiflora Image
Echinopsis Tubiflora
Echinopsis Pachanoi Image
Echinopsis Pachanoi
Echinopsis Chamaecereus Image
Echinopsis Chamaecereus
Echinopsis Subdenudata Image
Echinopsis Subdenudata
Echinopsis Spachiana Image
Echinopsis Spachiana
Echinopsis Peruviana Image
Echinopsis Peruviana
Echinopsis Lageniformis Image
Echinopsis Lageniformis
Echinopsis Terscheckii Image
Echinopsis Terscheckii
Echinopsis Eyriesii Image
Echinopsis Eyriesii
Echinopsis Candicans Image
Echinopsis Candicans
Echinopsis Rose Quartz Image
Echinopsis Rose Quartz
Echinopsis Huascha Image
Echinopsis Huascha
Echinopsis Calochlora image
Echinopsis Calochlora
Echinopsis Bridgesii image
Echinopsis Bridgesii
Echinopsis Cristata image
Echinopsis Cristata
Echinopsis Ancistrophora image
Echinopsis Ancistrophora
Echinopsis Famatimensis image
Echinopsis Famatimensis
Echinopsis Mamillosa image
Echinopsis Mamillosa
Echinopsis Macrogona image
Echinopsis Macrogona
Echinopsis Melanopotamica image
Echinopsis Melanopotamica
Echinopsis Grandiflora image
Echinopsis Grandiflora
Echinopsis Backebergii image
Echinopsis Backebergii


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