“Echeveria” Genus

Echeveria Genus Image

This genus is characterized by its almost perfectly formed rosettes. The plants are mostly low-growing succulents. There are approximately 150 species in this genus, a native of Texas, the United States, and Argentina. Most of the plants in this genus are also referred to as hens and chicks because they produce offsets copiously. The rosettes look like a hen’s plumage and therefore the mother plant looks like a mother hen surrounded by chicks which are offsets with their smaller rosettes.

Their leaves are typically broad and fleshy. They are covered with wax, protecting them from water loss occasioned by the elements, especially direct sunlight. Exposure to intense, direct sunlight causes the plants to develop a red edge. Their symmetrical rosettes are a great attraction to plant collectors. Also, their flowers cluster above the leaves from flower stalks that may grow from the center or rosettes or other parts of the rosette.

Echeveria Plants On Succulent City

Echeveria Prolifica Image
The Prolific Echeveria ‘Echeveria Prolifica’
Echeveria 'Dusty Rose' Image
Echeveria ‘Dusty Rose’
Echeveria Pallida Image
Echeveria Pallida (The Argentine Echeveria)
Echeveria Doris Taylor Image
Echeveria ‘Doris Taylor’
Echeveria 'Violet Queen' Image
Echeveria ‘Violet Queen’ (The Violet Queen Hens And Chicks)
Echeveria 'Arctic Ice' Image
Echeveria ‘Arctic Ice’
Echeveria Sahara Image
Echeveria Sahara (The Super Heat-tolerant Succulent)
Echeveria 'Sea Dragon' Image
The Superficial Echeveria ‘Sea Dragon’
Echeveria Blue Atoll Image
Echeveria Blue Atoll
Echeveria Pelusida Image
Echeveria Pelusida (The Mexican Hat Succulent Echeveria)
Echeveria 'Giant Blue' Image
Echeveria ‘Giant Blue’
Echeveria Atlantis Image
The Echeveria Peaches And Cream ‘Echeveria Atlantis’
Echeveria 'Azulita' Image
Echeveria ‘Azulita’
Echeveria Domingo Image
The Domingo Hen And Chick Succulent ‘Echeveria Domingo’
Echeveria 'Hercules' Image
Echeveria ‘Hercules’
Echeveria 'Glauca' Image
The Blue Echeveria ‘Glauca’
Echeveria Licorice Image
Echeveria Licorice
Echeveria 'Blue Curls' Image
Echeveria ‘Blue Curls’
Echeveria 'Blue Sky' Image
Echeveria ‘Blue Sky’
Echeveria Pulv Oliver Image
The Attractive Succulent ‘Echeveria Pulv Oliver’
Echeveria Rundelli Image
Echeveria Rundelli
Echeveria Parva Image
Echeveria Parva
Echeveria 'Blue Heron' Image
Echeveria ‘Blue Heron’
Echeveria 'Blue Elf' Image
Echeveria ‘Blue Elf’
Echeveria Allegra Image
Echeveria Allegra
Echeveria Moranii Image
Echeveria Moranii
Echeveria 'Autumn Flame' Image
Echeveria ‘Autumn Flame’
Echeveria Dionysos Image
Echeveria Dionysos
Echeveria Multicaulis Image
The Copper Rose Succulent ‘Echeveria Multicaulis’
Echeveria Suyon Image
Echeveria Suyon (Echeveria Sunyan)
Echeveria Strictiflora Image
The Desert Savior Succulent ‘Echeveria Strictiflora’
Echeveria 'Serrana' Image
Echeveria ‘Serrana’
Echeveria Tolimanensis Image
Echeveria Tolimanensis
Echeveria Ramillette Image
Echeveria Ramillette
Echeveria Fabiola Image
Echeveria Fabiola
Echeveria Gigantea Image
Echeveria Gigantea (The Giant Hens And Succulents Plant)
Echeveria Crinoline Ruffles Image
Echeveria ‘Crinoline Ruffles’
Echeveria 'Monroe' Image
Echeveria ‘Monroe’
Echeveria Subrigida Image
Echeveria Subrigida (The Fire And Ice Succulent)
Echeveria Lolita Image
Echeveria Lolita
Echeveria Amoena Image
Echeveria Amoena
Echeveria Letizia Image
The Little Jewel Plant ‘Echeveria Letizia’


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