Echeveria Gigantea (The Giant Hens And Succulents Plant)

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Echeveria Gigantea, commonly known as the Giant Hens and Succulents plant, is a remarkable succulent species with impressive size, striking appearance, and unique characteristics. This article will dig into the fascinating world of Echeveria Gigantea, exploring its features, care requirements, and the beauty it brings to any garden or indoor space.

Appearance and Features

Echeveria Gigantea’s leaves are medium-sized as the rosettes in diameter can be 12 inches. Whenever they show up, these leaves display a soft and light blue-green, creating a balance in overall appearance. Interestingly, if your succulent is planted under various environments, you will be extra color, such as reddish. Besides, each leaf is smooth on its surface. And, of course, it is also thick and fleshy.

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Echeveria Gigantea has pretty flowers coming from the middle of its leaves. These flowers are on a tall stick and look like bells, with pink, orange, or red colors. The flower petals are soft and lovely. In addition, this succulent often blooms in spring or early summer. However, depending on the environment and climate, they can flourish sooner or later.

Echeveria Gigantea has a great root system that plays an important role in succulent health. These roots grow near the top of the ground and spread out wide to catch rain and drink up water when we give it a drink. They also keep the plant standing upright. Additionally, the roots are like a storage for water, helping the plant stay balanced even when it’s not raining. But, you have to be careful not to give too much water because the roots don’t like to sit in wet mud.

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Cultivation and Care

Light: Echeveria Gigantea thrives in bright, indirect sunlight, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor settings. Intense sunlight is the cause of leaf burn, so try to put it in a place with partial shade. If you want to plant it indoors to decorate the home space, near the window or growing light are common ways to provide sufficient light. Please place for 6 to 14 hours per day.

Temperatures: It prefers warm temperatures ranging from 18°C to 29°C during the day, with a slight drop in temperature at night. Protecting or moving the plant indoors is advisable in regions with frost or freezing temperatures.

Soil and Watering: Well-draining soil is a crucial factor for the healthy growth of Echeveria Gigantea. A combination of cactus or succulent soil mixed with perlite or pumice works well. Make certain that the soil dries out between waterings and ensure that excess water drains completely. You can adjust the watering schedule based on seasons.

Propagation: Echeveria Gigantea can be propagated through various methods, including leaf cuttings, offsets, or stem cuttings. Leaf cuttings should be allowed to callus for a few days before being placed on well-draining soil to root. Offsets, or “pups,” can be carefully separated from the mother plant and replanted. Stem cuttings can be taken from healthy stems and rooted in a suitable medium.

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Benefits and Precautions

Apart from its ornamental value, Echeveria Gigantea offers several benefits. Like other succulents, it contributes to air purification by releasing oxygen and removing toxins. Its resilience and low maintenance make it an excellent choice for busy gardeners or those new to succulent cultivation.

However, it’s important to note that Echeveria Gigantea is toxic to pets if ingested, so precautions should be taken to keep it out of their reach.


Echeveria Gigantea, the Giant Hens and Succulents plant, enthralls with its size, beauty, and adaptability. Its grandeur and striking features make it a sought-after addition to any succulent collection or garden design. By providing the proper care and attention, succulent enthusiasts can enjoy the splendor of Echeveria Gigantea and witness its impressive growth and resilience firsthand.

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